In my life I sometimes feel scatter-brained, or unfocused, or not sure what it is I am actually doing. Fact is; I am actually more focused than ever – on exercise, minimalism, future audiophile plans (in terms of gear + music I wanna buy), etc. And I feel that in my “mInImAlIsM jOuRnEy”, that I have been doing for 10+ years, that I have been always working/building up to this – having very few things, focus on what I truly want/need (good diet, live at a good location, have lots of music to listen to, low bills, finances planned) and keeping things lite and easy in terms of activities and even aspirations.

But is it enough? And does enough matter? And what would I do if I DID achieve “enough”? Like Alan Watts said: “why expand consciousness? Why meditate? Why fuss with ANY of this stuff?!” He was poking fun at himself when he said that, but the answer to it, was to bring about joy in one's own life.

So, I'll keep doing what I am doing. And I won't worry about the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, etc.

Just live :)

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