September – delving into “ head-fi” 🗣️ 🎧

...which is kind of where I started with my music experience. Be it in 1990 when I had to sneak in Heavy Metal tapes into the house and listen on my sister's purple boombox with headphones, or with the Audio Technica ATH-M30 over-the-ear headphones in 2020 (and beyond) with the Monoprice IIIP hybrid tube amp – I always enjoyed headphone listening. I mean, my speakers are great, but I want to go a bit further with my headphone experience.

Currently, I can only plug them (AT set) into the Mac or phone, with no other peripherals, and listen that way – but, I want to be able to improve the whole experience (as much as I can) if I can. Now, there is the Schiit Vali 2 that I mentioned before (still think it's cool), but I think I will go a cheaper route in September (OVER a month away!) with a simple amp/DAC combo designed specifically for headphone use. In fact, the one I am eyeing is for portability.

In this moment, I am listening to the Apple EarPods, because I didn't feel like fetching the AT units. But, I am listening locally on an app called “Vinyl Music Player” from the F-Droid app store (FOSS app, I think), which is my favorite offline player (idk why, just is).

OK be back later.