Simple coffee

Having a cup of Folgers Instant right now. Easiest coffee I ever “brewed”. Surprised I didn't make the switch sooner. I've always (since age 12 or so) been a black coffee drinker. I drank sweetened coffee with creamer since age 7, when my Grandpa P made it for me for the first time when he was “babysitting” me. When I was 12, my parents bought me a white Mr Coffee coffeemaker for Xmas. Made four cups (really just two cups, at least with the size mug I used). And from 1995 – 2011, that thing served me well. It probably only needed a cleaning when it was finally unusable, but I pitched it anyway and switched to a “higher end” model. In between coffee makers, I always had instant coffee on hand. Folgers, usually. Then, in 2014, I bought a Bodum French press (on the recommendation of a barista named Alex) from Park Ave Coffee just off 10th St in downtown STL. I remember bringing that and two bags of grounds home in a big bag on the Metrolink. The coffee was the best I had tasted to that point. Because it was made from a French press. Sooty, thick, almost coffee grease. I loved it. And the Bodum lasted until early-2020. And it was still going strong when I got rid of it, because I wanted a quicker, easier, “less fuss” brew method. That's when I switched to instant full time. Instant has more of an effect on me in terms of caffeine, less of an effect in terms of digestion. French press coffee is like digesting motor oil. Instant coffee is like drinking/digesting water soluble caffeine! Haha. So, I liked the instant better. Plus, it takes no time to prepare, get it in my system. Cheaper, too (usually). One massive container lasts two months (for me) on average.

Simple flavor. Nothing too outstanding. But delicious, nonetheless. Highly recommended.

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