so, hello from Friday (almost)

11:45 PM here. Almost Friday, but it already feels like it is 2AM on any given day of the week because the road outside is without cars, it's quiet as can be other than the noise of AC's running on my neighbor's apartments (I am running the fan, and I can tell the subtle difference in noise between fans and AC's (AC's are louder)). I am sitting in the dark of the kitchen/living room at the island, #writing, smoking, watching the ocassional YT video. Going over some old “classics” in my book as far as my favorite videos of all time. Fun stuff.

By the time I wrap up this blog post, it will most likely be Friday. Not that that is terribly important. Days of the week/end get blended together with #CV19 going on. Some places are opening, most are using common sense and remaining closed. I'm staying home. 90% of the time.

I feel good ;)

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