so here's more writing

I got Chrome on the phone again. I like it except for the stories it promotes to me. The “big headlines” that are turned ON by default, that I have to turn OFF. But I read the top one, it was infuriating. Not surprising but infuriating, and then I just self-willed a big shot of mental dopamine/don't give a fuck-ness to carry on with my day, because there isn't square one thing I could possibly do about it. Makes me wonder why Google showed it to me?

It was how Mitch McConnell wants to end unemployment benefits. I literally won't say anything more because you and I are already on the same page as far as what we're thinking, how bad that is, etc.

But no one can do anything about it. Why does the senate even VOTE for this shit??? Why is there a senate? If Trump wanted there to be no more unemployment benefits, just will it into law – as if any semblance of legitimacy is left in the United States government anymore anyway?

To me, it's a show. But as long as people tune in to/watch the show, they'll keep doing a little jig and acting like the structure of governance is still a real thing.

Don't watch the show. Do other things, instead.

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