sodie galorskie

Got a couple pops from the vending machine just now. Dr Pepper. The only button on the machine that isn't either broken or vends the wrong thing.

Gonna be a late night, I think. But I hope not too late, because I have to be out the door at 9 AM tomorrow to go to a wake. Well, a gathering – the funeral and whatnot was a while back. It is for my dad's cousin, whom I didn't know very well, but the generation before me did, and the moms has no one to go with, so I am going.

It's rare that I can be accused of truancy on this here bloggo, but Inquiry busted me. A full day with almost no posts. Rare.

I am looking forward to coming to this service this year. Comments. On a blog. Blasphemy! Lol! Really though it will be quite nice.

Anyway, that's all I got for now. Be back later.

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