Cheap Coffee and Ecological Dispositions

The Dollar Tree kind of cheap coffee. Don't know the blend name. I am sure it sounds much fancier and artisan than what it is (which it isn't fancy or artisan, at all). Luckily, I have cheap tastes, so, it works ;)

Saw some of the people I sub to on YT and on blogs talk about their (sometimes dire) situations in Texas. I feel so bad for the people there. St Louis got some snow, and the temps got cold – but it isn't anything we are not already used to/prepared for, and nothing got too bad around here other than the roads were nasty for a while, in which case the plow trucks came through on-schedule and took care of it. Do they even use/have plow trucks in Texas? I'm not being facetious, I think having a plow attached to a truck in Texas would (usually) make as much sense as having one in Hawaii. Same for the salting mechanisms on the back of plow trucks – our roads are almost pure salt here in the days and hours leading up to a big snowfall, and I don't think they were able to do any of that. One of the videos I just saw spoke of a 130+ car pile-up on one of the highways down there, devastating.

The bad thing about natural disasters, as opposed to human-made events (such as war, or economic disparities), is that there isn't much to “correct” the events that caused them. I mean climate change is occurring, and as much as I am on-board with clean/non-polluting energy and not doing all the shit we (humans) do to the planet – I don't know if any change(s) we make in this lifetime would effect this lifetime. I rack my brain and think “how can we prevent XYZ from ever happening again?” (be it snowstorms in Texas, or floods in Florida, or even another pandemic (which could be triggered by climate change in the rise of infectious diseases or/and virus)). I guess I am just of the mindset that no matter how healthy, eco-friendly, and self-aware we are of the ecology surrounding us, we can't alter the fact that there are (at least) double the “occupation limit” for human beings on planet Earth at this time. No point is guessing (which all it would be is a “guess”) how humans got to this point, and no point in thinking in a forward fashion as to how to prevent humans from...humaning (or, simply reproducing because they have the ability to do so). And I doubt any amount of safeguards, or limitations, or regulations, or de-regulations, cultural shifts in public thinking can really change that: there's too many of us. Not enough resources. Time is finite, may blog have mercy on our souls.

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