some mellow music to top off the evening

Some stuff that is on my Tidal hi-fi list, but not being played from Tidal (damn, I cannot wait to get my account active again), but rather, just from a YouTube playlist I made.

As far as the previously mentioned budgetary finagling I wanted to do, I got it done, and I think I can swing the stuffs I need for my bathroom. The shower curtain I have currently (as well as the non-slip mat) have some sort of mold growth, it's gross, it's not safe/healthy, and I need to replace that ish ASAP. I am splurging on stainless steel “S-hooks” for the shower rod, though, because my current built-in plastic grommets spoiled me, and now I never want to use the plastic rings ever again. Those things (rings) are fine if you are never moving again (or, not for a long time), but over-extending my back to unlatch those things every few years is a total chore.

Neat stuff

Now, I flipped on some Techno music with a song called “Sun Goes Down” by Jim Yosef + Roy Knox – it's friggin' great :)

[2 minutes later]

I just clicked on Jim Yosef's YT channel and the promoted song there is called “Fall With Me”, and this is a fun song, too. I am pretty sure a lot of these are remixed covers, though I could be wrong.

I'm glad I caught the Techno bug some months back, because there is a lot of good music out there. Energizing to listen to, too.

This reminds me, though – I used to listen to the Going Quantum Podcast (long before podcasts became the sensationalized thing they are now) back in 2011, and it was all like Liquid Dubstep music. There was a new episode every week, it seemed, and it was usually 3 – 3.5 hours long each episode. I discovered it by using the YouTube app on an iPod Touch 2nd Gen (the little app that looked like a B&W TV), and searching the letter “Q”, and then scrolling until it wouldn't let me scroll anymore, and just clicked on what was there, and it was an episode of the Going Quantum Podcast, so, I listened, and I kept listening. And I am listening to some stuff from it now, actually :D

Episode 24 up now

Back later

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