somewhat productive morning

I didn't receive a callback for the person I was waiting on, so I left a friendly message with their supervisor, because the stuff I need to get done needs to get done SOON. It's been six days since I last heard from this person, and left a message almost every day of the week since then, so they had ample time to respond.

But anyway, my neck/shoulder was feeling a lot better this morning, and then I stretched and it made it sore again, so I took another Tylenol (2 x 500mg tablets). Also, I fooled with dev stuff this morning for a while – was able to decide on how messages would be received, but not the EXACT method of actually doing so. Only because I spent ~2.5 hours on it (dev) this morning, and didn't feel like over-extending my brain (to put it one way) for an additional 2+ hours. So, I will come back to it later.

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