straightening things up

Went ahead and got some tax paperwork set aside, ready to be taken to my people to (socially distance) file in a week or so. I also took a BIG notebook that had phone #'s, e-mail addresses, and what not in it and put that info in a smaller notebook. The large notebook is now an appointment book/planner. I switched those out because appointments happen all the time, and it made sense for them to be in a bigger notebook.

All possible laundry is ready to go for tomorrow, as is a small list of items I am getting from CostCo (before heading to the 'rents to do laundry). I think I will opt for a massive thing of Taster's Choice Coffee this time around, instead of the smaller things of Folgers. I tend to go through coffee quickly lately. That, and a few other items, and life will be A-OK ;)

I also logged in to REI and made a short “Wishlist” of stuff I want/need for a car camping trip sometime in Spring. A lantern (battery-powered (not solar)), an emergency whistle, small Suuntu compass, and a first aid kit that I don't even have in my apartment, let alone for a camping trip – so I need to pick up one of those right away just for peace of mind.

That's all for now. It's 55F outside right now, middle of January, what the fuck? I enjoy these temps though, tbh.

More later

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