Superb Owl (hahaha) Party Tomorrow

I am going over to the ‘rents tomorrow to NOT watch football. Instead, we will watch all the BS pre-game stuff, eat a bunch of weird food, socialize. Will be a good time.

I have been sitting here for the past hour (or more) thinking about how cool it would be to be a vagabond (again). No bills, no home, (almost) no possessions, not a care in the world. Absolute and total freedom. I loved it when I did it in Daytona Beach, FL. in 2005. A couple months of just beach bumming (though I bummed nothing off of anyone, just a common name for someone who never leaves the beach). Sleeping under the stars in the sand each night, lots of exercise and fresh air, talking to/meeting all kinds of people.

But if I were to do it again (which I inevitably will), I would travel more. Instead of just staying at one beach for months on-end, travel to different shores. In the past hour I even priced sailboats (older ones can be had for several grand, much newer ones much more expensive than that).

Van life (or #vanlife) is out because I will never get a driver’s license. Nope. A tiny backpack would suit my needs just fine :)

Anyway, just daydreaming (night dreaming) a bit since I have nothing special to do tonight other than go to bed at a reasonable hour so I am not sleep deprived when I am at the party tomorrow. And it looks like ALL of my packages of things I ordered are coming in the mail Monday (off-white Chuck Taylor low-tops, Bluetooth tube amp, C&D tobacco (and accessories), door mirror, new pillow, facial razors). All things I more or less NEED in life but I would have a use for NONE of them if I were vagabonding (except the Chucks). Just a different perspective, is all.

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