surprised, surprised, surprised again – and then stuck :/

So, I went on through the WriteFreely install process according to a VERY helpful walk through on the boards, and I didn't think I would make it past a certain step, and then I made it past that step :)

Then I made it past another (“big”) step. And then another.

I kept being surprised at how things worked

Then, I continually get a “command not found” error. I tried sudo, nano, looked through directories, continually referenced the WF install instruction documentation (which just says “run this”, which is where the “command not found” error comes into play, lol). And also referenced (multiple times) the (again, VERY GOOD) install walk through – but, still: “command not found”.

So, that's a bummer. For now. I will revisit it soon. Good progress made this evening, though. I'm sort of juggling two text message conversations and needing to make dinner, also – so I will come back to it shortly.

More later

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