Tab grouping isn't doing me any favors in Chrome

I don't know why this feature exists? I visit a site, click a link that opens a new tab from that site, and then both tabs are grouped together as sort of like a “tab folder”, and all other tabs are still freestanding, separate tabs.

How much time and energy was WASTED on this feature just to inconvenience the end user? I know it is a first world problem if there ever was one, but what the hell?

I hope it doesn't do this ish on the Chromebox, because it will be incredibly inconvenient.

“We solved tabs”, is probably what they're thinking and it is really the user who shouldn't open so f*cking many of them. But either way: leave tabs alone. They work. If some computer junkie doesn't understand how RAM works and keeps 50 tabs open like some sort of nut bar, let them do it!

Anyway, this was a pointless rant, and it is over now.

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