...plagiarism. Obviously. Of course it does.

So, with a little more sincerity and seriousness than a “Content Warning” (or CW), be sure to label any of the ChatGPT stuff with “#AI”, or something to indicate that the person “posing” as having written it, did not, in fact, write it.

On that, I never understood the act/crime of plagiarism. If you can't put forward a thing honestly, then why? It's like stealing a trophy. All meaning is lost!

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“AI / VR / AR / IA(?) / biotech / smellevision (lol) / AirPods / smartglasses / idk”

The letters/words above are what started me on this rant I just went on on Masto DOT Tech (@tmo), but what really got me thinking was my Transitions Lenses on my Hagger eyeglasses (that cost too much to admit). When sunlight hits my glasses (or UV rays, I should say) they TRANSITION into sunglasses. They have been the best thing in my life for the past six months topping even the Pixel 3a I am writing all of this on right now.

All prescription eyeglasses (and esp Transitions) are a type of “technology”, but if someone were to query me on what the Next Big Thing would be in the world of #tech, I would say not just smartglasses, but smartglasses that went a little something like this:

  • regular-looking (in many styles)

  • prescription? Yes/No, doesn't matter

  • outside the focals of the inner lense, would be a small air gap that could (via button press(?)) be filled with reflectics (word?) and pixels that would then Transition (or ourwardly darken) the outer glass and fill the inside completely with a screen.

  • The screen would simply show what is in front of the person wearing the glasses. Just like the camera on my Pixel 3a uses #machinelearning to process many elements of an enviro to “clean up” the photo, and make it sharper, cleaner, prettier, these lenses would display the same processed imagery work actively, constantly, live through a series of cameras on the eyeglasses

  • bone-conducting speaker on each side, and you have the ideal #AR / #VR / (and if added) #AI experience that is second to none

  • the imagery being processed would never be documented or saved on-device or anywhere else because there would be too much of it. Like Snapchat deletes photos, for the most part, whatever is being processed would simply be a LIVE experience never to be seen again (though “screen capture” could be an option for smaller moments (idk))

Smartglasses have been a thing people have wanted/talked about for who knows how long? Iam still in the camp of people who mourn the “death” of Google Glass because of what it could have done/become had the #technology just “been there” to make the things not LOOK goofy as hell.

More on all this later. Be back in a bit!

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