I have no special thing to say right now but figured I would hammer out some text, anyway. Because freedom. lol!

It's Saturday and I was really hoping for my tobacco to arrive in the mail today, but more than likely it will arrive Monday via USPS. It's just the Gambler Red bag (16 oz) and the tin of Nightwatch, so not a “huge” fill, but it will definitely be enough to see me through July, that is for sure. As far as a tobacco cellar goes, I haved little desire to “collect” tins of different tobaccos and just storing them for later consumption. I can buy what I want to try new and just fly by the seat of my pants, as they say.

But, I think I am going to have to make a trip to BP a bit later on (as much as I need to be staying inside during #CV19) to buy some smokes :( I will be careful and wear a mask and wash my hands when I get back inside from the trip.

More later

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Made coffee, got to cleaning, coffee went cold

Made coffee again, got to talking on the phone, coffee went cold

Made a THIRD cup of coffee, and this one I drank. Finally!

Now I am proper awake and ready to...sit inside for the rest of the day because #CV19 is happening in the outside world :/

I feel good though. If only I had some stuff to write about. I guess that is where intentional writing comes in, and I can write about anything/everything until the words just come to me.

I look forward to doing my first book review soon. I am not a fan of but I chose that as my platform to do book reviews (why? idk), and I want to review books that are fresh in my memory. The first two books are, The Art of War and Nature, so I will start there. Lots of fun. They won't be “all-encompassing”, but they will likely be long-winded, nonetheless.

More later

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Not sure what to write, so I will just write. Not knowing what to say at first sometimes leads to the best things being written, unlike what Bukowski says about the words needing to “jump out” at you (though Bukowski was a much better writer than me).

Some bad news: my sister had lunch Thursday at a restaurant in STL that was revealed to have employees who have now tested positive for #CV19. My sister will be tested Monday to see if she has the virus :(

Stay vigilant, folks!

I, myself, am going to remain in quarantine even more. There are record spikes all across the United States which will SKYROCKET after July 4, because right-wing morons will ignore the warnings and go out and celebrate, anyway. Not going to the niece's party (which is probably cancelled), not doing laundryh at the 'rents Sunday, not doing anything next week. Inside I stay.

More later

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and I do not mean that ironically. My niece is having a get together Saturday at her house, and there will be a good amount of people there, and so I am not going to go. With #CV19 still going on and no vaccine in sight, I, and EVERYONE, should be staying inside. Sucks that I have to miss out on the festivities, but it simply isn't safe.

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I forgot that next Tuesday I have a doctor appt. It will be an in-person appt (as we are off of #CV19 lockdown (even though cases have jumped 300%, because America is full of stupid people)). I will go to the appt, wear a mask, and be very careful. Nothing too interesting occurring during the appt, I don't think. No health changes for me, so, that's good. I also re-installed the MyChart app on my phone, as I consider it a “vital” piece of technology (or at least a fairly useful piece).

Anyway, all the stuff I “threw out” the other night has now officially been hauled to the dumpster, and I feel better about it already. Always lightening up :)

More later

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Feels humid in my apartment but not outside my apartment, somehow. Been taking it easy today, and I am glad I got laundry done, and managed to be somewhat productive. Haha. Also got the ball rolling on setting up an appointment for a tattoo session at Steel & Ink Studio, but they just re-opened today and are probably very busy, so I will wait patiently to hear back from them. They got my info.

Decided where I am going to get the tattoo, too. Not sure what the tattoo will be, but I am going to get it on my lower left forearm. The inner and outer left forearm is already done, so I will just need to get this spot filled, and then I can start working on the sleeving process. Pretty excited.

Also, my Minor Threat shirt shipped. Patagonia pants will be 5-7 days before they LEAVE the warehouse, as they are slowed down due to #CV19. It's all good, though.

More later

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ZOMG, such impulse!

I knew I would never get my ass to a tattoo shop just in time for when I A) had enough money for a tattoo B) had a ride to get there C) a thousand other factors. So what did I do? I got a fucking giftcard to Steel & Ink Tattoo Shop in S County! They are selling them through their BigCartel shop, and I got a $300 value on it :)

Now, I still have to call and make an appt (preferably with Shawn Medina, the owner, who is friends with some friends of mine, and he doesn't know that), and the appts will be possibly delayed due to #CV19 occuring, and everything, but, I will FOR SURE get in there and get my Dad's memoriam tattoo! :) I am going to pick out a piece of flash (so I know more or less what to expect (it will be a traddy tatty, anyway)), and the only “customization” to it will be “DAD” across it on a banner. No idea what I will pick out, yet (obvs).

Oddly enough, I am paying for this with stimulus money (when you/I do the math), and this is what I did with the small amount of “Obama Bailout” money I got back in 08/09, whatever year. I went straight to Ironage Tattoo and got the Japanese Kanji on my left shoulder. This, is a $300 piece, though – not $150 – so, a bit bigger. More on all this later.

The only other thing I ordered, or will bother to order, was the Patagonia Hemp pants. Very dapper. No more money spending tonight, though. Just gonna sit back with some Gambler Tobacco and enjoy the fresh air.

Be back in a bit!

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It turned into a beautiful day outside today. I amnot out enjoying it becaue it is a bit on the warm side and I am not in the mood to walk in the heat, to be honest. But it feels nice with the window open.

Making coffee, too

Not tonight (Saturday's midnight), but tomorrow night (Sunday's midnight) otherwise known as 00:00 Monday morning, I am going to walk straight to Circle K and get some snacks and soda. I have been low on food for some time, and am going to do a proper grocery trip on Monday, but I have to wait til 9AM when people can come and go as they wish, because between 5-9 it is for senior citizens or/and people with compromised immune systems because #CV19. I really miss Schnucks being open 24/7. Good days. Good times. But Circle K is 24/7, and that is where I will go at midnight. But for this midnight, stuck inside. Doing nothing. Being broke.

More later

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My rent is already paid for June

Now is the ideal time to go on vacation. To get the hell out of here for a while. #CV19 prevents certain types of travel, but that doesn't mean there is NO travel. I could go somewhere if I wanted to. I am assuming Amtrak is still running, that would be the jumping off point. From there, I could go to the PNW (with connections), and see what I find, do what I do. Move around.

It's either that and stay here and go crazy. I would rather move around.

Right now, I am making coffee, and will ruminate on this.

Be back in a bit

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Had a one-hour therapy session via Google Duo just now. Been having video therapy sessions for the past three months because of #CV19, being/staying safe/smart. Same for doctor appointments, those are done via phone call. So that works, too. Therapy appt went well, good conversation (mostly me talking, which is how therapy appointments usually go).

Right after the call I remembered to take my heartburn medication, and upon doing so, I slammed ½ a Liter of water/almost made myself puke. But didn't. I survived. Life is good.

Still a bit rainy outside, but not too humid, so I have the sliding glass door open. Feels good. I feel good.

More later.

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