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I kind of want to write an e-book. Or at least improve upon the e-book that I did write (Littered Thoughts). I want to perhaps add some longform to it, continue to make it a continual repo for my longform articles I've written over the years, and just re-re-re-release it in digital Editions, like a wiki sort of.

This will definitely happen in the future. I need the right tool(s) to make that happen, though, as doing anything on a phone is a pain. I love to be mobile-only, but let's face it – the only reason I am mobile-only for the time being is because the RPi 4 crapped out on me. Plus I really like the Linux Mint Box Mini 2. Soon.

More later

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The fireworks are already starting. It is 7:30PM, and the sun has not gone down, yet. It is setting, however.

I need to find some stuff to read, I think. There are magazine and whatnot in the laundromat, but I have th whole Internet at my fingertips, so why bother with that? Besides, I already visited the vending machine (after I got smokes fromthe gas station (vending machineis cheaper)) and also did laundry yesterday, so...

I also picked up paper towels while I was out and about, so now I can deep clean my apartment (which needs it). So, I am going to do so as soon as this coffee is finished.


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Right now I am playing Sugarcubes “Birthday” and sort of readying myself for the Bjork album (cassette) I ordered last night. Early this AM, actually. I have no idea when it will arrive, and it hasn't shipped out, yet. It'll get here.

I am thinking about developers for some reason. About how some indie devs will charge $2 or something for full, unrestricted access to their app, and others are “Freemium” and have you pay per feature upgrade, etc. I kind of think that the latter model is better for everyone. If you like the app, and plan on using it a lot, or for a long time, just pay the extra $$$. Like StandardNotes and ProtonMail offer alternatives (and good ones) to big services out there, I think that paying $50 per years or whatever is worth it for these services to even exist! SN and PM may not be “true” indie Web devs, but they are certainly not juggernauts like Google or whatever, so....yea.

But, anyway, this is neither here nor there. I can't develop shit, lol! I can write, and I think authors and writers should be paid for their work, too. So, basically if someone does something good for the world, they should be paid (not that that is the universal rule, always the case).

Right now, Jawbreaker just came on and it is probably the second song I ever heard from them. But I LOVE “Accident Prone”.

Also, quick update: the tattoo is healing nicely, and is still peeling, and isn't too bothersome. Really happy with it :)

I also got an e-mail receipt from just now, that I always forget that I have an account with. I basically get a receipt, go there, say something, forget for another 30 days. No interest in it. But this time I will not pop in and say anything because I am not doingtheir sign-in process through an e-mailed PW. Hassle.

I probably should have bought smokes before the sun went down. It's too late to buy any right now unless I go to Circle K, and I am not making that walk. I have nicotine lozenges, though, so I will be OK.

OK, long enough update. Be back in a bit!

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Nix the last post I made. I will not be rejoining Mastodon. Even if I am “approved” for the s.l.p acct on that instance, I will ignore it/not join.

Life can be dull/boring at points w/o the constant stimuli of social media, but it is a contemplative and calm existence that I enjoy, nonetheless. It's a shame more people can't enjoy it. They CAN enjoy it, but I don't know anyone IRL under 60 years old who doesn't have some sort of SM acct. :(

But anyway, I head out of here at noon tomorrow to do laundry + some shopping (perhaps), and then it is back home to count down the hours until a midnight payday. I might make the walk to Circle K at that time and buy some stuffs, but I am not concerned with that right now.

Same old same old over here

The coffee is good 👍

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Been making lists. Not shopping lists, but To-Do lists/reminders/appointments/etc. all put into one place: the Standard Notes app

I also have a few things jotted down in my mini Mead notebook, but most everything is in SN now :):) DEFINITELY love this application!

Also, having some Folgers Instant, feeling good (and wide awake!) at 2:55 AM.

Gonna take down more notes in SN and become even more reliant on the application, I think. Not because I am reliant on the application, per se – I am reliant on the notes within (and this way I have my offline copy + a redundant, and slightly more convenient, digital copy).

SN is encrypted, too. So that is good. Biometrics and all that neato shit, lol!

More later

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This probably means I am going to be writing a lot, because that always happens when I have iced coffee. I also bought a big thing of Folgers Instant, as well. But that is for another time.

I feel good today, lemme tell ya :)

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Having some nice instant coffee after having half of the #6 veggie from Jimmy John's.

It's a warm and humid night here in STL. I have the sliding glass door cracked open and the fan on because it was freezing in here, and now it is becoming humid :/

Nothing too special occurring this evening, just me trying to get some writing done. This is what happens when I write about all the subjects I wanna write about for X years on end, I run out of stuff to wrtite about so I just write about life, instead. The thinkfluential hot takes on the “mood of the Web” and the casual observances from people about greater society do not amuse me anymore. Let the Birdsite handle horseshit like that, I just wanna correspond my life.

There are still a few subjects that interest me, but most have gone stale in the past 10+ years.

Anyway, more later

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Sometimes I feel annoyed. Annoyance mixed with anxiety and quasi-delusion.

It actually works backwards from that:

1) I feel like I am quasi-delusional that the world is heading in a sour, undesirable direction – and I try to convince myself that I should just think more positively – even though that is never the case. I often feel my perceptions/intuitions are authentic

2) Then I feel anxious that I am even having a mental discussion with myself about this matter

3) I feel annoyed that I wasted so much time on the subject

That is the Three Ring Cycle of Psychosis ™ that I pretty much experience everyday, several times a day, for many years now.

Like something is either off with me or the world. Or both (hell, I am PART of the world, afterall). Like no matter how much I get (or others in the world get), me/us are never satisfied with the outcome of being on the receiving end of such blesssings. Part of the Internet jade I was talking about just the other day. The world at our fingertips – as if humans invented God – but no one seems to give a shit. Anymore.

I am reminded of the scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where HST is stoned beyond all fathomable belief, and all he can mutter is: “maybe you can just...throw me in the pool for a bit?” In the sense that, I – like many others – basically get what we want out of the world, and are not working towards any special goal, so with this full belly of interconnected convenience and ease, we (or at least I) do not know what else there is to do.

“Just throw me in the pool for a bit”

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Just got back from the store. Bought cheapo instant coffee and this will be my go-to from here on out. The French press has been cleaned out and put in the trash can, and soon the dumpster. I just happen to have run out of regular grounds today, so it was time to start my instant coffee “habit”. Now I have the coffee + coffee mug in the cabinet and out of sight from the rest of the kitchen. The only coffee ephemera (if that is the right word?) I have sitting out is the stainless steel Coleman cookpot that has served me well for 10+ years :) Feels good to have a clean AND CLEAR countertop in the kitchen.

Going to the store, I sweat profusely because humidity, so I came home and shaved and took a shower. In for the night, for sure. Perhaps tomorrow will bring less humidity and perhaps a walk to Cliff Cave Park? We'll have to see.

More later

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I was looking at old writing ephemera (pens, fountain pens, notebooks, etc.) and I thought that it had been a long while since I wrote in my handwritten/offline (obvs) journal – so I picked up the UniBall Micro pen and started to writing. While doing so, I came across the subject of habits. How humans are creatures of habit. And I have been all too keen to pick up habits/routines/impulses along this trip called life myself, from time to time. I have but two “vices”:

  • smoking
  • writing

Only one is healthy, the other toxic as hell. I'll let you decide which is which ;)

But aside from vices (or impulsory addictions (or COMpulsory)) are my habits. My routines. Things I always do but could go without doing them, but I do them anyway, because I derive joy from them. Drinking coffee, listening to music, watching a good mini-documentary every so often, cleaning my apartment, keeping myself and my surroudnings immaculate. These things I picked up over time, and I suppose make me who I am. That is to say that I am a creature of habit.

One thing that I have gotten into over the past several years is habit CHANGE. Altering the way I look at/view things inthe world and my own life in order to make effective change. I am not sure if I do this out of immense boredom or as a survival mechanism so I do not put wasted time/energy/resources into the habits I have picked up (cleaning my apartment non-stop would be unhealthy, for example). But part of my personality (or a personal characteristic of mine) is to look at the most extreme approach to dealing with an everyday thing that I, or others, may take for granted and see how I can alter my view/relationship with that thing. It is probably how I am able to declutter my possessions so much, quit social media, and live quite frugally. But this is also why I adopted minimalism (as a result of this personality trait) – by dropping all the excess stuff in my life (clutter, habits, services, and sometimes people); I am able to really focus in on the things I derive the most joy out of. I am able to not only “make the most” out of the things I have, but genuinely THRIVE with those things. And also, make time to make things (create) on the Internet or what have you.

So, in a way, habits are just one more “item” to subtract from a focused life. KEEP the good ones (I would keep writing, journaling, blogging, music, coffee, cleanliness, etc.) but subtract the unnecessary/superfluous ones (such as social media, toxic social interactions (online and IRL), and smoking (YTBA)).

Be back in a bit!

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