Been watching The 8-Bit Guy on a huge playlist on the television downstairs at my sister's house for the past...3 hours? I am using some version of the Roku Box, and I am using the built-in YouTube app (obvs) as a “signed-out” user (because I am not going to go through the trouble of signing in/out of my Google account on a “public” TV).

Also, both dogs are sleeping on the floor in this room, and it is a chill, chill eve :)

The external monitor I thought I would have access to during my stay here is not compatible with my HDMI cord, unfortunately. In fact, it doesn't have an HDMI port at all, using VGA to HDMI, instead :( So, that was a bust, but, oh well.

I hooked my MBA up to the 42 inch TV here downstairs (because it has an HDMI port), but it wasn't really that useful, so I said “fxxx it”, and will just use my MBA as-is, instead.

IDK how much progress I am going to make with the web dev activities tonight, because the dogs always need something, or are fussing to be pet, or whatever the case – so I can't just DO what I need to do and not be side-tracked. So, I can see how the #WFH crowd are affected by not being able to do (productive) work (from home) when they have kids/pets/roommates/etc. It's true, distractions suck. COVID symptoms suck worse, though, so...I guess we all get to choose our poison.

Anyway, for the evening, I figured I would just get some writing done. Oh, except for the server updates/upgrades – I need to get those taken care of in a minute. So I will do that.

[2 minutes later]

Updates/upgrades: COMPLETE! :)

Can I say something – how cool is it that I am doing this stuff now? That I, me, am actually doing this and that in the CLI and developing skills in web development? I am beside myself sometimes. I know that some people say that they have/get imposter syndrome from partaking in dev/design/etc. type of activities – but me, I feel cooler and more involved than ever by just self-teaching myself how to make stuff, problem solve, reverse-engineer stuff, and everything else that goes into this hobby. It's bizarrely satisfying, that is for sure :D

So, I may not get jack sxxx done tonight, but soon I will, and it will be fun, and that is awesome.

Back later

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