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Should I take my blog posts off the timeline/feed? I Feel (I know) I write a LOT, and I want a place to put my #writing, and I want a #blog, BUT I don’t want to spam up the TL/feed with a bunch of (usually) unnecessary posts.

It has GOT to be annoying for some people. I am going to remove it for now as my posts rarely crack 35+ posts anymore as it is. I have an entire “Top Rated” posts all ranking above 100 views/visits/whatever, but that has not been the case for well over a year.

I am going to keep the posts “Public” but not on the feed. For a while. We’ll see how it goes.

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This blog to Tumblr, that is. Why not just write the blog, itself, on Tumblr to begin with you ask? Because readers are on this #blog (to begin with) + If I am #writing something on Tumblrand I lose Internet connection for even a second, Tumblr thinks that is the queue to erase everything and not publish when I hit the button that says Publish. It’s great. It’s like they were directly confronted with a problem and made a deliberate decision not to solve it. Fuck Tumblr.

But I wanna give Tumblr a “second chance”, so long as I never have to actually visit the site again. It is synced here. Here to there, that is, so fuck it there it is.

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I just saw a thing on a YouTube video where this guy was talking about journaling and he said (that he read somewhere) that “what makes a good journal is not quality over quantity but quantity balanced with quality” (or something like that). This #blog is my journal and I guess it is a good one because I do several blog posts a day seven(7) days a week, so...Go, me! What is most important to say about this journal blurb I just mentioned is that journals are not quantifiable. A journal can't be “ranked” or be told it is “not right” or “no good” or “very good” or whatever. It's a damn fucking journal. Write what you like, when you like and how you like, etc. Nothing fucking matters.

This is also why I keep an offline journal because I can be even more candid and therefore just more “at ease” when #writing in it (+ I like to practice my handwriting).

Anyway, be back in a bit!

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I have been absent, MIA, neglectful, even of this blog for the past few days. That is because I have been #writing a LOT in myoffline diary/journal and I just felt like I wanted to get some ideas down and some thoughts out of my head w/o necessarily publishing them for the entire WWW to see. I also was going to take an extended hiatus from #blogging because I was sick of always needing an “axe to grind” or some sort of special “point to make” in order to fire up the old text editor. But let's face it: I have been hammering out words on one #blog or another for the past 13 years and nothing about that is going to change anytime soon. I do it obsessively. It is...what I do. :/

But anyway, I am going to get some sort of NEW domain for this bloggy and also do some other Web-related stuff later on tonight when I have time (and $$$) and then I will be back to blogging again on the regs like I usually do. ASnd for the record, I still want to self-host this blog (somehow) someday and not have to worry about having it on (even though I fucking love and it is the best blogging platform I have used since 2006). The only other time I “self-hosted” a blog was back in 2002 when I was using AOL Members Spaces and had to deal with FTP and all kinds of weird bullshit, but, whatever.

So, yeah. Be back in a bit!

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So I am pouring my heart and brain out on Twitter and Mastodon right now, looking for answers or at least some sort of birds-eye-view, roundabout, tl;dr on HOW a Web server works. I can get into all the technical bits and details here, but I am not going to waste anyone's time with such stuff, because this is more or less a #blog post about being candid with learning and never being afraid to ask any/all questions that can help the learning process (for you, the individual) along. I remember the first day of English Composition 2 at Jefferson Community College in Hillsboro, MO. when, after having not attended for several years, asked the English prof what “BlackBoard” was when he said I could find the syllybus (sp???) on there. It was foolish of me to have forgotten such a key element to learning in a modern college environment as BlackBoard is used basically fucking everywhere in higher ed these days, but I had forgotten, I asked, got a couple laughs from the classroom, and then proceeded along (got an A in that class, btw and helped tutor a lot of mofos along in the process).

But this is the disposition I find myself in tonight: I ask people on the WWW some shit that some people may take for granted or could even be experts in (Web servers), and I get one (or more) of them to explain the tl;dr, overall rundown of how this ish actually works, and if I learn something, great. I will start doing The Thing on the Linode Nanode server I rented and I will be well on my way. Or at least off to a good start.

Long story short: ask questions when you do not understand and learn shit. It's cool.

Be back in a bit!

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I was reading about earlier where people can migrate their existing blogs over to there and do status updates, write full-length #blog posts, interact with other people, etc. etc., but I am not terribly interested in it because offers to good of a (simple, minimalist) feature set to bother doing a migration.

So anyway, personal update – i am buying some packages of tobacco tomorrow AM including: Velvet, Borkum Riff, Lane Limited Ready Rub, and Carter Hall. All four are considered American “classics” and I am looking forward to getting my hands on all of them. The BR is already my favorite tobaccy I have ever had (so far) and the Velvet sounds like a real treat. The other two had a combo sale on P&C, so I figured I would give them a try. Each baccy will come in a 1.5 oz. pouch. Small. Just enough. I am also stocked on e-cig juice for a while even though I am sort of “iffy” about the “H-One” blend I got from 510 Vapors in Imperial, MO. a week or so ago. Seems like ti gave me heartburn for some reason. Curious to know if it includes one of the vape flavorings (tht have been outlawed) that causes “Popcorn Lung” (which is a temporary inflammatory/coughing condition from chemicals which were not developed to be inhaled).

Anyway, none of this shit is healthy, but I enjoy nicotine. What can I say? At least it is not some narcotic or alcohol. Fuck all that noise. I even gave up energy drinks a month or so ago and I am never going back.

That's about all for now. (Oh, and work resumes Friday (tomorrow))

Be back in bit!

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I wanted to build/create something cool that people can more or less use as a resource, and I did that with I created a friendly little intro into ditching Google Services that doesn't go over anyone's head and shows that there ARE in fact alternatives out there.

Do I practice every single one of those tips myself at this present moment? No. I practice the vast majority of them because some of those services basically just don't apply to my Internet/tech habits. BUt I stand by what I created.

Now that I created a thing that I can s.l.o.w.l.y. tweak and update over time (and I will), I think it is time to move on to other life goals. One of those life goals is to do a BIIIIIG solo backpacking trip all by meself out on a big trail (I am thinking the Appalachian Trails (AT)). I want this trip to occur in October when my lease has run out and I can do so safely, and in a smart way. So I m going to do just that.

But back to what I was saying about tech-related goals – have I accomplished them? Not like I am going to become a freelance Web Designer or learn any good amount of code and become a developer, or build up a self-employed resume/portfolio and pretend like I did a bunch of stuff that I didn't do and work for some megacorp. Just not my style. Employment is not really my style, in all honesty and I suppose that makes me fairly lazy, but I don't really care. Being totally honest here.

There is still some desire to build another cool “Web thing” but I have no idea what that thing would be or what it would look like or if that thing will ever even come into being. The only thing I really can be relied upon to do on a daily basis is to #blogblogblog. It seems to be the only thing I do and as far as working for someone else's #blog (or publication or whatever), it is totally out of the question because I simply hate media outlets and I hate working for other people to begin with, so that is also a dead end (for me). Besides I have gone that route before with a celebrity gossip blog in the “gossip era” 2006-2011 and I am done with that scene.

I just want to do things that actually pertain to IRL experiences and you may see on the Internet the lifestyles of digital nomads and how they “hustle” constantly while they live in paradise, but, I fucking hate hustle culture, I don't like doing things for monetary gain, and I would much rather just have the paradise part for myself. I am already fond of nomadism, in general, but being a “digital” one does not appeal at all.

So, I think I am just going to work on the self-supported trip on the AT. A “section-hike” as they call it (which is like a thruhike, but in sections/for shorter periods of time). Good stuff.

Be back in a bit!

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Not in the mood for it.

I am in the mood for more diet pepsi and #writing, though. I have no idea what the #stlwx will bring today, but if the weather is good, I will get my walk in, for sure. If it's cloudy shit, inside I stay.

Discovered a few things this AM. They are:

  • I cannot use Google Sites for the Web app I wanna build

  • but I can (and will) use Google Cloud (which is priced fairly

  • The upvote/downvote system is written in PHP. There are examples on StackOverflow

  • I know the URL that I am titling it (to be announced)

  • and I have a simple system (thx to a Masto user) to cheaply self-host my #blog

All these things can, and will, start to happen the first day of May when I buy the Mac from the corner shop around the way (they sell refurbished Apple products)


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Did a bunch of stuff that needed to be done today but the most exciting thing i did today was pick up a bottle of TWST SALT e-cig juice (pink lemonade / menthol) and am enjoying it immensely this early evening. I am also going to get some Air Factory e-cig juice that is more in the Premium (expensive) category on MFS and forget about buying pipe tobacco for the Stanwell poker this month because puffing on actual fire is bad. Vaping doesn't really hurt people.

All the aforementioned stuff from last nights #blog posts came true today. I cleaned out the closet of all the Xmas stuff, brought it back to the 'rents until next year, cleaned up the apartment more, organized the final it of paperwork that was left, and overall, the place looks / feels a lot better. :)

That's about all for now

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Making a couple tomorrow. Well, at least one “big” donation to Feed MY People in S St Louis County because they help a lot of people out and I believe in supporting my community. I don't mention this for any type of fanfare or any shit like that, just wanted to mention that I was sick of constantly thinking of all the dumb “shit” I could by for myself (none of which I need) and the entire thought process was fucking maddening, so I think I need to just donate (the majority) of the tax money I am getting back to the local food pantry. #goodidea

On that note: #minimalism. I don't like to think about shit I don't need and I don't like to buy it or even entertain the idea of buying it, or even holding onto many of the possessions I already have. As mentioned on this #blog before, I am somewhat of a dogmatic minimalist. Not in a religious sense, but in the sense that I prefer that terminology a bit more than ExTrEmE #minimalism. I also like the term spartan minimalism, but that usually involved being able to count your possessions with the digits of one hand and that is not quite for me (though when I was homeless in Florida for a period of time in 2005, I only owned an empty wallet and the clothes on my back and that was it (and it was one of the best times of my life)). So, dogmatic minimalism it is! People like Joachim Klockner, Andrew Hyde, and folks of that ilk are some of my biggest inspirations for the lifestyle. But I am sure I would be practicing it even if I didn't know anyone else who was.

I also think I am going to do some “decluttering” tonight :)

Be back in a bit!

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