...a “cast” of me working on MMMhub (using ScreenCapture (or whatever it is called) on iPad) will be uploaded to YT in due time. I will put it on my YT channel (ugh! That sounds so gross) when I finally assemble the Website (probably on It is going to be a lot of hit and miss, it will take a while, and I am going to add music to it(?), and the comments will be turned OFF on the video when it is uploaded. I call it a “cast” and not a “stream” because everything will be recorded/edited before I upload it to YT. But it’ll be there.

In fact, I just started recording my screen just now so I can see if this file type can be uploaded to YT in the first place.

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... README v.1.0

I don't know what i want to write about at this exact moment other than i know i want to write. #Intentionalwriting, as i have said many times before. It is a good practice to take up if you want to become better at transferring thoughts into text. You learn to “work your way in” to a writing mode, of sorts.

Speaking of “work”, i hate it. I never #write for pay anymore and I am always, Always, ALWAYS #blogging, or journaling, and these days it seems like the two blend together. In fact, my journal is my #blog (what you are reading right now). But just because I don't get paid doesn't mean I don't put work behind some of the writing that I do. For example: I am about to start putting together an e-zine called “404 Darkly” over on and I will be offering it as a print “zine” so to speak, that can be mailed out in physical format should someone choose that option. But the real goal is to collaborate with a lot of good #writers that I have talked to over the years (usually on Twitter or Mastodon) and see what they would take to contribute a lil' something-something to an #indie publication that is being written/distributed just for the fun Hell sakes of it. I am going to put “work” behind this, but work doesn't always equal pay. Don't forget that.

Anyway, a lot of cool stuff happening in life right now. And as always – letting /now be my guide :)

Be back in a bit!

... README v.1.0