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Heating water for coffee. It is officially nighttime here. Pitch black outside. I am having some nicotine gum (weird stuff). Probably won't get any reading done, but I will get some more notes down for the Web app. Had a few ideas as I lay in bed existentially dreading my existence. Haha.

One thing that I kept in mind, was that this will (probably) always be a Web thing. Not an app for Android or iOS or OSX or anything like that because when people decide to jump ship (like Apple) with their own processors, it tends to mess up a lot of stuff for a lot of people, and Web dev just seems a lot easier.

Anyway, I am purchasing some URLs in August (mainly because I have to get one for use with Linode), and I figure I will just get the URLS I had been thinking of for a while now while I'm at it, just because.


More later

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Sun has set, crickets are chirping away, plenty of cars on the road (that shouldn't be), and I just had an eggy wegg (eggs) for supper with siracha, and it was pretty tasty.

Now having a sodie, and a bowl of Gambler Red (same way I started my day!), and calling it a day.

Be back in a bit!

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Had a shower, water is heating for coffee right now, having some sort of oncoming headache approaching, taking two Tylenol. I think this crazy organic aloe vera drink is what is giving me the headache. I had a bit earlier and now I have a headache just like how I had some the other day and felt AWFUL afterwards. Maybe it is expired?

So, the idea I had for the Web app I want to build – it is pretty cool. I'll share more details on “dev journal” (, but I will keep that “clutter” off of TMO, for the most part, I think.

Anyway, Tylenol has been taken, coffee is slowly cooling, relaxing with the sliding glass door open and listening to the crickets :)

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Another day in the can :/ Tomorrow won't be that much more exciting, I don't think.

My mind sort of drifted off into thinking about old High School friends this evening as I made a pasta primavera/parmesan-type...thing. I sometimes wonder what they are all upto now, and I know I can find out by joining Facebook and navigating through that nightmare just to “FB Stalk” some folks I once called my friends, but I have not been on FB since 2014, and I will never join again, and...yea. I wish them the best, whatever they are up to. We may cross paths again, we may not, it is up to fate to decide.

Water is heating for coffee. The sun is setting (it is agood one) and lighting the East wall of my apartment as usual.

Speaking of social networks, I have never been one to “hide” anything from anyone on this blog, so quick confession – I have been using Instagram for a little bit. Still no Birdsite, no FB (obvs), no Snapchat (I don't even know with that service), and no YouTube uploads (because let's face it, I can't be on camera). But I am on Instagram for the time being. Mainly to LOOK at talented tattoo artists work. I basically created the Instagram acct when I had to contact my tattoo artist for the appointment I had at Steel & Ink Studio last month, aaaand I have basically been using Instagram ever since, more or less.

But anyway, fuck Instagram. I don't wanna hassle with always checking it day-in/day-out, but I always end up going back there (even if I am off the service for a month+).

It makes me think in a “Big” way: will I ever leave Instagram? I left everything else. Why stay on a photo sharing site? Isn't just an influencer's version of Facebook (and, indeed, owned BY Facebook)?

I can probably see tattoo picture elsewhere, to be honest.

Good talk, W.a

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I tried #24Kin24 (writing 24K words in 24 hours). Didn't work out so well. I got 7K words in, had to take a break, and then didn't return to the keyboard because life happened (both times).

So, maybe if I livestreamed (with proper equipment (eventually)) 5K words for X reason, covering X subject matter, for X cause(?). Maybe I can be very meta and just document what it entails/what matters most (to me) when writing a substantial document, like 5K words, as I write 5K words. A livestream of 5K words being written about the “art” of writing 5K words (or more!).

Sounds legit

I'll give myself five(5) hours to do so. That should work. I can easily hammer out 1K words and hour (do it all the time). And I have WiFI now so streaming should really be no problem (when I have a machine capable of it, the phone won't do it).

On that note; I've toyed with the idea of the Linux Mint Box Mini 2 for over a month now, only to realize through numerous reviews that the machine is a total slug/can't handle basically anything (like the Raspberry Pi). So, I am considering a refurb iMac (2011/12) from Mac Of All Trades. This is no way an ad, but I have heard great thing about that store, and want to get one (an iMac) because it would be the same cost as a Mac Mini, only more “efficient” because it would be an all-in-one. No need for my (oversized and ugly) 26 inch monitor and the cable management nightmare that accompanies it. Easy choice.

An iMac can handle that picture-in-picture stream (not that I would do P-i-P), but more importantly, I can simply handle the stream of the text document itself being written. In real time. Fun.

Dunno why this is relevant to me, other than I want other avenues of getting what I like to do, and am good at, out there to the world to “show off”, a little bit, I suppose. (even though well over 50%+ of my writing totally sucks, usually).

I will come back to this...

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I am somewhat tired, but am awake with instant coffee, so I will remain in this state for some time, lol

Yearning, wanting, needing – sick of those feelings. Contentment suits me much better. Some people say the secret to a long life is “get what you want”, and to “not suffer”. I sincerely hope this isn't the case, because I will be dead in a decade if I have to rely on getting what I want (or need, at times) or/and “not suffering”.

Reminds me of a book I plan on reading by Derek Sivers called “Anything You Want”. It's on my reading list, may be a thing a pick up in August. I already read “A Company of One” by Paul Jarvis(?) (is that his name?), and it was OK. Was basically making the case that companies should grow slow, stay small, remain independent, etc. I don't have a company, and never will, so I am not sure why I read that book. Other than I agree with it. I already have the “gist” of Digital Minimalism (Cal Newport), so there is no need to buy that. In fact, it is not necessary to buy ANY books that are in the realm of “self help”. I mean, The Art Of War is a bit different than the books I just mentioned, but generally self help type of books are not really my thing. Glad people are putting interesting stuff out there, but I am not sure if I have a need for it.

How the day ends. If you, or I, can end their day and genuinely, honestly say “I had a good day” and be totally happy with the events of the day – then life is probably going your way. It has been YEARS since I have settled down at the end of the day and just said/thought to myself “I had a good day”. Because it all comes back to me, here, at this apartment. Despite all the “events” that occur in my life, I usually end the day with returning to my (kinda normal, uninteresting) apartment, and just “going through the motions”. I'm not “totally” unhappy here, but the will and whim of my youth of wanting to move about/get a new place every few years has dwindled down to near non-existence, and now I guess I just want to be “comfortable”. I have no idea why? Comfort isn't forever. Things get shook up and upheavals happen all the time in an individual's life, I want to be going with the flow and not being a stagnant rock at the bottom of it.

I should probably think about moving. Again.

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Had a Kirkland Organics (Costco brand) brown rice + quinoa meal that you are supposed to heat up in the microwave, but me not owning a microwave (four years, baby!), I just emptied the packet into a pan with a little butter and warmed it up that way. Tasted divine. First full, cooked meal I had of the day. I have been snacking on peaches, plums, and stuff like that today and hadn't sat down to have a “real” meal since waking up at 9AM.

9PM now. Gonna have a smoke on the balcony ~1AM, if I am awake for it.

Also, I forgot to mention that tomorrow I will be picking up the antique (literally) leather chair for my apartment. It will be here for about 2 months while I await the shipment for the George Oliver Ulises chair to arrive. That is how it is spelled, too (instead of Ulysses). The “Aunt Kate chair”, as we call it, is quite comfy / low-sitting / sturdy as a brick house type of a thing.

More later

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Right now I am playing Sugarcubes “Birthday” and sort of readying myself for the Bjork album (cassette) I ordered last night. Early this AM, actually. I have no idea when it will arrive, and it hasn't shipped out, yet. It'll get here.

I am thinking about developers for some reason. About how some indie devs will charge $2 or something for full, unrestricted access to their app, and others are “Freemium” and have you pay per feature upgrade, etc. I kind of think that the latter model is better for everyone. If you like the app, and plan on using it a lot, or for a long time, just pay the extra $$$. Like StandardNotes and ProtonMail offer alternatives (and good ones) to big services out there, I think that paying $50 per years or whatever is worth it for these services to even exist! SN and PM may not be “true” indie Web devs, but they are certainly not juggernauts like Google or whatever, so....yea.

But, anyway, this is neither here nor there. I can't develop shit, lol! I can write, and I think authors and writers should be paid for their work, too. So, basically if someone does something good for the world, they should be paid (not that that is the universal rule, always the case).

Right now, Jawbreaker just came on and it is probably the second song I ever heard from them. But I LOVE “Accident Prone”.

Also, quick update: the tattoo is healing nicely, and is still peeling, and isn't too bothersome. Really happy with it :)

I also got an e-mail receipt from just now, that I always forget that I have an account with. I basically get a receipt, go there, say something, forget for another 30 days. No interest in it. But this time I will not pop in and say anything because I am not doingtheir sign-in process through an e-mailed PW. Hassle.

I probably should have bought smokes before the sun went down. It's too late to buy any right now unless I go to Circle K, and I am not making that walk. I have nicotine lozenges, though, so I will be OK.

OK, long enough update. Be back in a bit!

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Nix the last post I made. I will not be rejoining Mastodon. Even if I am “approved” for the s.l.p acct on that instance, I will ignore it/not join.

Life can be dull/boring at points w/o the constant stimuli of social media, but it is a contemplative and calm existence that I enjoy, nonetheless. It's a shame more people can't enjoy it. They CAN enjoy it, but I don't know anyone IRL under 60 years old who doesn't have some sort of SM acct. :(

But anyway, I head out of here at noon tomorrow to do laundry + some shopping (perhaps), and then it is back home to count down the hours until a midnight payday. I might make the walk to Circle K at that time and buy some stuffs, but I am not concerned with that right now.

Same old same old over here

The coffee is good 👍

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Been making lists. Not shopping lists, but To-Do lists/reminders/appointments/etc. all put into one place: the Standard Notes app

I also have a few things jotted down in my mini Mead notebook, but most everything is in SN now :):) DEFINITELY love this application!

Also, having some Folgers Instant, feeling good (and wide awake!) at 2:55 AM.

Gonna take down more notes in SN and become even more reliant on the application, I think. Not because I am reliant on the application, per se – I am reliant on the notes within (and this way I have my offline copy + a redundant, and slightly more convenient, digital copy).

SN is encrypted, too. So that is good. Biometrics and all that neato shit, lol!

More later

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