stlwx bells from St Paul's Church, faded police sirens, the mild hum of traffic on Baumgartner Rd, and Telegraph Rd beyond that, leaves rustling in the slight breeze – and interspersed within it all, cool autumn air spiking through the open glass door where I sit and have iced coffee.

My headphones are in, and I am ready to put on some music to commemorate this first True Fall evening of 2020. Pandemic or not, I will be getting outside, in the open air, to enjoy this #stlwx – all the while social distancing, and masking-up when necessary.

Speaking of which, I am hoping for no miracle with COVID-19. As far as I am concerned, if a vaccine isn't here today, in the Here and Now, then why the f*ck wait for there to be one and just do what we have to do as biological creatures and distance for a bit, and then when there are less and less cases, things can go back to normal? We all know the answer to that, though. Pure and simple ignorance. The ignorant in this crippled empire are all too proud of their beliefs, and that's just how the cookie crumbles, I suppose.

I'm over it, though. “It” being the ridiculous right wing lunatics who are convinced beyond all shadows of a doubt they have any semblance of influence, or control, or significance in this nation. I'm not gonna waste my breath (or time, I should say) writing a long-winded political post, and I have no crystal ball on what the future holds, and I have no ideologies that in any way fit in with what is “available” right now in the American political spectrum. If a Democrat wins in 2020, OK. If not, oh well. From where I'm sitting, there can't be any unified consensus, widespread agreement, on this issue or that issue regardless of anything, because the genuine issues humans have to face (and pretend they can solve) are FAR greater and more complex than we are capable of handling.

So, let's just all keep dancing to the rhythm of the ticking clock that will surely stop when we do.


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Outside. Waiting for my ride. Enjoying the BEAUTIFUL #stlwx. Feeling good. Will be glad to see everyone. Even though it is under unfortunate circumstances :/

Still, life is ok, and moves on

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I was a bit snarky, and overly sarcastic earlier – probably due to sheer boredom, but I'll stop that now.

Onto other things...

Turned into an OK (albeit boring) day, the #stlwx didn't burn my skin off or suffocate me from heat/humidity. I got in a couple quick jaunhts to BP for sodie, and just hung out, more or less.

Dishes are being done now, and I cleaned up the kitchen. Place looks spiffy.

Places of Comfort

I suppose r.w.a and The Midnight are places I go to “get away” from anything/everything on the Internet. They are almost like “home bases”, in a way. Those, and Feedly, for all my RSS feeds. It used to be Newgrounds back in the late-90s, up until 2005 (but became too addictive), then it was an RSS feed of celebrity gossip blogs from 2006-2011 (those all went belly-up), overlapping; were the gossip blog RSS feed and Twitter from 2009-2011, and eventually it became Twitter and Twitter only from 2011-2019 (another addiction). But I don't feel addicted to r.w.a, or The Midnight, or Feedly – they just seem to be “safe zones”. I notice that anything with too muchn “action” causes that switch to be flipped in my brain and I become like a digital crackhead. LOL! People have admitted to as much with World of Warcraft (which I have never played), and reddit (which I have only had an account on a couple times, and don't think I have an account on there currently, but never visit, regardless). I, myself, have had somewhat of an addiction to The Sims, and The Sims 3, and if I had a PC capable enough, I'd probably try out The Sims 4. It's a fun game, just...too addictive.

So, I will stay within my comfort zone (on the Internet) and continue to break free of my CZ in the real world, as that is how it should be :)

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It could be anything. Just Intentional Writing – writing for the sake of it, on any subject matter, for the sole purpose of writing.

So what will be written right Now, at 5:13 AM, Tuesday Sept. 15, 2020? Another #stlwx update? No. It's nice out, all I care about. A hiking update? No. No hiking today as it will warm up a bit by 10 AM (when I would be completing the hike). A “current status” update? No. This is not a social media platform.

What I will write about is life. What am I doing here? And what for? I oftentimes feel like this is a question asked by theologians (but never answered), and also asked by philosophers (with some, partial answers). It is also asked by scientists (with very specific, and totally sufficient answers). And then it is asked by people like me – Naturalists – people who put Mother Nature above all else, and if a question about the meaning of self becomes something worth pondering about, and an answer is needed and in-reach, then an answer must be pursued. But sometimes there aren't clear answers to life's questions, and a greater mystery is revealed, and when that is the case, I observe that and respect that as the answer, and am content with living a full/normal life without having to know the arduous details about every single little thing in the world.

I have tried for the past four-ish years of my life to live it in a more “experience-based” mindset. Let moods and emotions guide my whim and desires. Staying in the Here and Now, and never living an “examined existence”. Do I know what I am doing here? Or what for? Nope. But I'm here, and I'll stick around for quite a bit longer, and that's all that is really important.

Thanks for reading :)

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It's 9:17 AM, I am just getting up, and heading out of here at 10:30 AM. Just a few quick errands. The #stlwx is pretty damn nice this morning, too, so the errands will not be that unpleasant to run ;)

OK, that's all for now. More later.

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It's after dark, it's fall, there's leaves on the ground, I am home and having coffee. Everything about this should make me ecstatic, but the #stlwx isn't quiiiite at Fall-like weather, yet, so I am left still craving the days where I can leave my sliding glass door all the way open.

But life is good, at the moment.

When the weather turns, I will be seriously lacking in warm clothes for said weather. I have all the tops, sweaters, whatever I could ever need, but when it comes to pants, I have have but one pair of jeans that I love wearing and that is basically it. Technically I have a pair of dress pants, too, but I try to only wear them for formal ocassions. I think I need one extra/backup pair of pants, but really I can just get by with wearing dress pants when I am washing the jeans.


I've been feeling pretty “out of sorts” lately, or at least today. I got in my workout and had a good dinner, so that definitely helped, but I think I need to resume therapy appointments ASAP. I understand that the counselor is taking time off right now, but when she returns, life (or, my brain) will be “back on schedule”, so to speak. Therapy is very important for a guy like me. I've had a counselor for 14 years now (two different counselors in that time (another third counselor doesn't count cause she was miserable at her job)), and I have derived a lot of value from therapy sessions. Helps me think/talk through whatever I am thinking, feeling, etc. and it is a good experience.

Anyway, the coffee is finished, I am caffeinated, and I feel good.

More later

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low temps and low humidity. A much welcome, and long awaited change.

I've been sitting here having Capstan and coffee, and zoning out at the text editor for what seems like an hour thinking of what to write, but really just zoning out while I enjoyed the tobacco ;) The sliding glass door is open, and I am letting in some cool air (while it lasts for today), and just relaxing.

So, I think Friday I will start the walks/hikes again. The #stlwx will definitely permit it, and I've been chomping at the bit to start them again.

Anyway, tomorrow I head up to Dirt Cheap and get some aromatic pipe tobacco, as I have been saying I would buy some for two months + it is always nicer to have aromatics when the weather is cool.

I feel good today, hope you all are doing well :)

More later

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They are chirping away, making the outside almost noisy, but not really “noise”. As I sit and listen, I enjoy a bowl of tobacco, and a sodie pop because I am not in the mood for coffee ☕.

4:15 AM. No plans for this Saturday. No plans for a get together or anything like that until the beginning of next month. A very small gathering. And the #stlwx forecast indicates that it will be high-70s, low-80s for the next five days, so there is no chance of me getting a walk in anywhere in that timeframe. Watch the humidity not break until October. My theory is, since the Lungs of the Earth™ (the rain forests of the world) are continuously being mowed down and control-burned with the purposes of raising cattle so more people can eat cheeseburgers, all the humidity that would usually be concentrated in those areas is being “relocated” to other spots of the world. Sort of like an inadvertent “healing mechanism” for the planet. No moisture concentration here, then it relocates that humidity in other segments of the world. Just a theory, but I am probably not that far off.

It is quite a miserable shame that people now, in 2020, after years of sound research STILL think they need to be inundated with massive amounts of animal-based protein in order to keep their blood pumping from one day to the next. Vegetables and fruit will do the trick, trust me. And for those STILL sucking down heart-stopping animal flesh for “flavor”, I lose no sleep for what happens to them. They don't necessarily die, not with any brevity nor dignity anyway – instead they slowly grow ill, look terrible, feel worse, and simultaneously double down on the flesh that got them to their horrendous disposition in the first place. No sympathy for the devil, and no pity for the dumb. That's my crass take on things.

We chose our own battles. Be back soon.

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Went to the 'rents, put away a mountain of curbside pick up groceries at her house, got laundry finished, filled their birdfeeder, cleaned off a balcony/patio thing in their backyard, came back to S County, stopped at Schnucks and bought a ton of my own groceries, now I am home.

It's hot, but my AC is saving me right now. No idea when the #stlwx humidity will break. Soon, I hope.

Nothing further at this time. Be back in a bit!

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1:25 AM. Monday. A workout day.

Looking forward to the afternoon rolling around so I can get in my resistance band training. I have plenty of fruit to keep me fueled throughout the day, and coffee to keep me alert. But I wish I could sneak in a walk around the neighborhood later this AM, but I don't think the #stlwx (humidity) will allow it :/

Nice late night/morning here nonetheless.

Hope everyone is well.

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