Take my breath away

A simple thing like a cool rain, after months of heat and HOT rain, coupled with a slight breeze – to live for. Can't complain on nights like these.

The coffee has been brewed, is delectable. Wishing I had some nice Virgina tobaccos to smoke on an eve like tonight. Speaking of which, my P&C order didn't go through, claiming I was using a prepaid card (which if course I wasn't). So I will simply buy my pipe tobacco from Dirt Cheap Cigarettes and Beer (a local chain, as far as I can tell). I will pick some up here soon in the next couple weeks. May have to try out the Captain Z's tobacconist near South City if I am craving Latakia blends. Nothing like that at Dirt Cheap.

Anyway, time for some Nightwatch, as I sit and ponder :)

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