Taking Stock (pts. 1-3)

So, I decided that I need to Be Smart™ and take stock of things for life – food, tobacco, hygiene products, and life goods. With any/all upcoming income I have, I am going to start stockpiling (kinda/sorta) things that will be useful to have on hand longterm. Not “prepping” in any sense of the word, just things that I will not have to “worry about” buying for a while, as I tend to do this once or twice a year, because it is simply a smart thing to do :)

So, I made a lengthy list on Standard Notes of everything I can think of that I will actually USE and benefit from. This is that (lengthy) list -



TAKING STOCK pt. 2 (tobacco + tobacco products):


TAKING STOCK pt. 3 (hygiene/life goods):

(a. hygiene)

(b. life goods)

...and I think that will do it, for now.

Should cover me for quite a while :)

back soon

(EDIT – I added in the deodorant and TP into the hygiene section, as the original posting of this entry negated those two things (as I forgot) – THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT THINGS!)

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