tasks of the day: started

Started a load of laundry, will change loads at 1:15. Watched a video on YouTube from 1971 of an Irish farmer who lived with no electricity, no “laboratories” (no bathroom), no running water, etc., and he talked about how he lived his life – most of which I could not understand, because of the thick Irish accent, but that's my problem. There's a whole series (from a couple channels) on YouTube where they drudge up these old videos from roughly 1960-1977 where they talk to/interview/document life in Ireland, and the folklore there, and the way people lived in the rural areas of that country at that time. Many of them lived (and some still do? Maybe?) what some would consider a “lo-fi” life – one without much technological influence. Sounds great to me! :)

In fact, that was a thing I liked about the rural areas of Missouri (and living near them for the majority of my life); either due to lack of (good) cell coverage or whatever the case, people didn't adopt technology as fast, and people more or less just coexisted with one another, with less concern for the outside world and what was happening with it. This isn't a circumstantial flaw, but probably a deliberate decision on the part of the residents. It's a better way to live, in many ways – because if people have each other, and can socialize and have events, etc., why bother with the rest of what is happening “out there”?

That's just my view, though