the “keep it running” bit

I like that people can solicit donations online if/when necessary for overhead of such and such service. Though, I did attempt to make a service that ran counter to such a concept with, which was sort of a complete and total anti-Patreon service, with connotations (influenced design) of that of, and the gist of that service was to say “be friendly online – like what a writer writes, what a video maker films, what a person hosts? Send them a “Thanx”, and tell them you appreciate them. Nothing more required besides kind words”.

A nice thing, I thought. Developing the ins/outs of a personal message board, where people could send kudos anonymously – that proved more difficult than I anticipated (though I was blindly ambitious with it, and it was burnout that ended the development of it).

But, when a YouTuber or a blogger says “keep it running”, meaning they need XYZ amount of funds to “keep the blog running” or “keep the channel running” – what is their total overhead cost of maintaining such a content platform? I mean, YouTube pays them (albeit, not as much as most content creators are worth – YT takes way too high a cut), as well as blogs (personal or otherwise) who use a third party platform or self-host – how much does it cost to actually maintain an adequate VPS hosting a medium-to-high traffic publication?

It's effectively a grandfathered in way of saying “give me money, and I'll do stuff”. Nothing wrong with that, but the phrasing of “keep it running” is just that – a phrase. Everything continues on at an uninterrupted and steady clip despite was is/isn't donated by the public.

Just some words. Later.

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