the mail and parcels black hole

I am having a package of pipe tobacco shipped to me, and after some fussing around and some delays, it is finally on its way via Next Day Air. Problem is, it is going to my old address (which is a couple buildings over, so not a huge issue), but why it is going there is beyond my comprehension. I have the digital receipt right here stating that the parcel is supposed to come to this address. No question. But instead, P&C decided to send it to the old address. I also dealt with this issue with USPS before, too. I had them look into why all of my old mail was going to the old address when I forward my mail properly when I moved. USPS corrected their mistake, and now I get my mail, but UPS didn't fix their issue. Or Maybe P&C decided: “billing, shipping, same thing! Send it to the billing address!”, idk. Either way, I will get this damn thing tomorrow even if I have to walk on six inches of ice and snow (which I will).

Strange thing is, very important mail from my old neighbor who lived at the old address before me got his very important tax returns, stimulus checks, and everything else sent to his old address (at the time it was my current address). So, I guess all his relevant mail (bills, paychecks, any/everything else) still go to the old address? Would my mail have gone the same route if I had not demanded from USPS to look into it and fix whatever was wrong?

It is a mail/parcel black hole. Instead of never getting any mail, that address gets ALL the mail. Like the opposite of being off the grid. Or maybe in a postal sense, I died there. As did the neighbor before me. And our mail will show up at that address for the rest of time? Like the friggin' twins from The Shining: “Deliver mail to us, Danny. Forever, and ever, and ever, and ever.”

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