The Poverty Profiteers

Not referring to people who profit from “keeping others down” (which is more than likely an issue in the world we live in) – no, I mean people who try to make poverty look “cool”, or market it in such a way that they insinuate that impoverishment is the fast-track to popularity, or success.

Such as #vanlife (hashtag mandatory), and the people who build-out a van (cargo, box, whatever) and truck around and photograph themselves “really roughing it” with a $2K camera and hit up the algorithms on Instagram.

Or Gary V who says that by selling your stuff and moving into your parents basement will get you out of debt in the blink of an eye, so you can “do what you were MEANT to do in life”.

Essentially, taking advantage of people

Why? Well, I don't know what lead to the #vanlife “obsession” (or lie), and I don't know who published Gary V's first book on...whatever he manages to write about. I also can't imagine good (and otherwise smart) people buying into the scam of Dave Ramsey, or why capable/willing people attend for-profit colleges and get a useless diploma with tens of thousands in debt to begin with that leads them to these “gurus”.

If you're in debt, poor, impoverished, broke – OK, that's fine. I'm right there with you (except for the debt part – I'm just a poor dude, haha) – but, no one needs to “glamorize” the scenario and act like an extreme, abrasive, difficult life(style) will lead to future prosperity or Instagram fame.

Exploiting people has always been a bad thing. So, you shouldn't do it.

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