The Snapchatification of this blog + contact details

I think I am going to just start adding photos to each blog post now. It adds a “center” of something to talk of, and is kind of a visual icebreaker, and it would be more pleasing to look at/read. IDK.

I just “got back into” snapping photos, and I wanna do more now, so it is likely I begin to do this.

That's the “Snapchatification” I mention, because as I understand it, Snapchat requires the sender(s) of messages to have a photo to go along with their message (of which the message length can be no more than 22.4 characters long (friggin' abysmal service)). Hence, a “snap” and a “chat”. I never used Snapchat before, other than downloading it briefly under immense peer pressure and social duress from my cousin's wife (of all people), while her, my cousin, and two of their teenage kids sat with anticipation as I created the account, and then I “added” them, and then probably deleted the app a couple weeks later. I never knew how to use it. I think they sent messages and I ended up DM'ing them nonsensical emoji strings.

The photo above is a Mt Dew Zero Sugar, and I think it lost it's carbonation, but it is so overwhelmingly sweet, that I honestly cannot tell what my taste buds are experiencing. It's satisfying.

I just looked and I think it is aspartame that they are using for the sweetener (a neurotoxin). Hopefully the “Natural flavor” (an actual ingredient listed on this bottle) will offset the poison I am ingesting.

I also added contact info to the signature on this blog. I was able to create a new Proton Mail account, meaning a separate account WITHIN the...account I already have. No way of saying that right. It's like a folder, with a dedicated e-mail address, that is part of my actual e-mail account with PM. So, I basically created a free/burner e-mail. Nice.

So more posts (+ photos) soon

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