The Sum of Integrity x Convenience is Zero

Visit a privacy blog – see the links to their Twitter

Visit a Website that promotes FOSS (or even sells hardware for that purpose) – they want to connect on Facebook

Meet a human being who lives with some level of standards in their life – you will soon uncover that they have absolutely no standard OF life with which they abide by.

That last one is me. I have no real respect for, nor quality of, life. I sort of just “live it because I am here”. Not many material possessions, don't look highly upon family nor strangers, not interested in a cyclone of hype or whatever tickles people's fancy on the day-to-day. I don't even pretend my ideas for a “better world” mean jack shit to anyone besides myself.

Some things I passively possess, though (that are for whatever reason looked highly upon by OTHERS) is a level of standard IN my life. Not FOR life (itself), just the decisions that are a part of it, I have varying standards for.


I want to have some semblance of health when I get older, so I don't eat dead animals.

I want to have a fresh viewpoint of the world, confidence in my decision-making, and peace-of-mind in my affairs, so I don't flood my brain with dopamine toxins that hinder my ability to do so.

I want to view the world as a positive, ever-changing, evolving plane of existence, so I don't pretend like things are “the same”, or the “new normal”, or “the normal of before”, or “better in the future”.

Things are as they are, and I accept it for what it is. That sounds a bit vague, but what I am saying is; if something claims to be a “chain”, look for the weakest point in that chain, and decide how useful that chain would be if asked to serve it's purpose (as a chain). Essentially, I believe in the integrity of my chain, or, I believe in the integrity of my life's decisions. I do not/will not/cannot weaken my chain in order to achieve a level of convenience (or in other words, I refuse to compromise).

And in the end, it is a free world. Hypothetically, someone could start a privacy-centric account ON Facebook, or use a VPN owned by Google, or try to be a social reformer on Twitter. All three of these ironies exist in the world, by the way. Sad, but true.

So the sum of Integrity(1) x Convenience(0) = 0, much like the vagabond equation of Freedom vs Comfort – it is a deliberate choice, not a compromise on which combination of both suits the person better. And like the lyrics go “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”.

Welcome to life

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