The truth (shall set you FREE)

Not in the confessional sense (I mean, that, too – but for the purposes of this blog post, I am not confessing to anything). No, I mean the truth, for what it's worth (a lot!) is a good thing to have your arms wrapped around, to be able to genuinely grasp it. It is liberating in a personal, and even psychological, sense. Be it in everyday interactions, or trusting your gut feeling, or reading/watching/whatever service you adhere to – but, the service(s), or correspondence of/with others, and anything in the place of YOU being at/in/with the “thing”, itself, is a “copy” of the truth. Root word of TRUth being TRUst of knowledge (if I am remembering that correctly).

So, like Agnes Collard describes (of the Socratic Method) about her book, Aspiration – you can have “both sides” (one saying this, the other saying that), and TRusting either side for/with the TRUth is a misstep on the part of the individual. KNOWING what is real, factual, genuine, sincere, and authentic usually is (almost always) somewhere in between.

So where am I going with this?

Well, I implore you to not worry about which outlets or/and publications HAVE (or claim to have) “The Truth™”, because none ever do. Unless they are going out into the world and experiencing everything for their own, personal, first-hand experience (and KNOWLEDGE) of an occurrence – then they just trust that other people are telling them that “such and such” is “such and such” way. That process, when put into widespread practice, results in gossip, rumor, and hearsay.

So, this has been a long-winded attempt of me trying to say: trust your gut feelings, and don't believe everything you read. At this point, in 2021, no one has to hear this – but then again, many may still need to – but then again, this advice comes to you through written correspondence on a blog. And I may not be telling the truth ;)

All generalizations are false, including this one

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