they (trips) are that – a trip!

Responding to this response from Inquiry (response below):

...indeed, I was still in the “burn parents will/desire” to the ground phase of teenager-dom when I was taking LSD. I didn't feel a disappointment in any way, because if I had been deemed as such, it would have been a by-proxy way of me saying “fxxx you” to their real-time lag parenting. In adulthood, one has to put things to their own name – alas.

I did ok when I was 24. Got my first apartment, and felt IN SYNC for the first time with myself and the world since I was 16. It was that age that I was booted from my house for the first time, and I grew up more in a week than I did in the eight years following. When I was 24, I was like, “ah, as it SHOULD be”.

Things are up and down since then, but as are all minds and psyches, I suppose.

And, Ithaka keeps making an appearance on your bloggo, I see. It'd be cool to see more people reply to you (Inquiry) via inline blog posts. Hell, make the comment section for Inquiry's Gemlog.

The goofy things we do ;)

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