too much snarkiness

I was a bit snarky, and overly sarcastic earlier – probably due to sheer boredom, but I'll stop that now.

Onto other things...

Turned into an OK (albeit boring) day, the #stlwx didn't burn my skin off or suffocate me from heat/humidity. I got in a couple quick jaunhts to BP for sodie, and just hung out, more or less.

Dishes are being done now, and I cleaned up the kitchen. Place looks spiffy.

Places of Comfort

I suppose r.w.a and The Midnight are places I go to “get away” from anything/everything on the Internet. They are almost like “home bases”, in a way. Those, and Feedly, for all my RSS feeds. It used to be Newgrounds back in the late-90s, up until 2005 (but became too addictive), then it was an RSS feed of celebrity gossip blogs from 2006-2011 (those all went belly-up), overlapping; were the gossip blog RSS feed and Twitter from 2009-2011, and eventually it became Twitter and Twitter only from 2011-2019 (another addiction). But I don't feel addicted to r.w.a, or The Midnight, or Feedly – they just seem to be “safe zones”. I notice that anything with too muchn “action” causes that switch to be flipped in my brain and I become like a digital crackhead. LOL! People have admitted to as much with World of Warcraft (which I have never played), and reddit (which I have only had an account on a couple times, and don't think I have an account on there currently, but never visit, regardless). I, myself, have had somewhat of an addiction to The Sims, and The Sims 3, and if I had a PC capable enough, I'd probably try out The Sims 4. It's a fun game, just...too addictive.

So, I will stay within my comfort zone (on the Internet) and continue to break free of my CZ in the real world, as that is how it should be :)

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