Triple Hueguh Coffee

Cause I wanted a good kick! Also, I had a shave, because having facial hair drives me absolutely bonkers! LOL! But now I feel MUCH better :) On my last disposable razor blade, too, so I will have to place an order sometime soon. I don't think they sell the right types of blades at my local grocer, or I would just pick them up there. I have to order them from Target, instead. Speaking of apothecary, I am going to stick with the safety razor I have had for two years, and see how many years I can squeeze out of it โ€“ instead of wasting $$$ on some โ€œfancyโ€ brass or copper model. It is stainless steel, I think, so it could use a watermark treatment, or water stain treatment, or whatever the hell you call it to get the white blotches off of the metal. Like a polish of some sort. The shaving cream I don't get fancy with, either. No boar fur brush or specialty shaving foam (though I am not against those things), I just use a cheap can of Barbasol that lasts like six months. Easy peasy as possible. Glad I am not contributing to even MORE plastic in the world by using a stainless steel (e.g. reusable) safety razor + blades, instead of Bic or Gillette disposables (which, let's face it, is a COMPLETE waste of money). I could go with a nice Braun electric shaver, but then that takes all the fun out of shaving for me. LOL! I do like the way the old Braun models were designed, though.

Damn this feels nice!

Be back soon!

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