Two Bellars carrying on at the end of the bar

Stopped into just now, looked at the “Patrons”, decided to look at “All Patrons”, and saw me and Inquiry sitting next to each other (social distanced) in the line-up, probably slamming back coffee and chain smoking.

I love what m15o has done with the place, and if you haven't popped into the before, be sure to stop in, have a drink, see who's around in the Midnight Writer's Guild (which isn't a real thing, but sounds nice) – and be sure to tell them that “too fast” sent ya! ;)

“Bellar” comes from Motley Crue's autobiography “The Dirt” and Mick Mars (guitarist) going to bars as a late-teen and there were always “two women at the end of the bar that would complain and bellar to everyone who stopped in”. As for my own experience, I used to go to many a bar back in my early-twenties, and there were always a couple, or a few, “bellars” somewhere at the bar – regulars, social creatures, heavy drinkers. And that was the case with every establishment I went in to back then.

The M.p is as close as I come to any bar, or any dining establishment now, as COVID has closed (some permanently) many here in the St Louis area. No matter because I cannot smoke in public places in St Louis, anyway (at least indoors). So, I just cake up my own apartment with organic tobacco smoke, and pretend like it is pestering other people at The Midnight ;) Someone should invent SmellNet, so they can enjoy the ambiance of the pipe smoke. Provided by a Smelecom company. While they read on their Smelephone...ok, I'll stop.

5 PM, sun sets, coffee consumed, hope all are well.

... now I'm at >>> 👋