up with the morning trash

...that should be a Punk-influenced Grunge album title ;) Or it can be “up with the Sunday trash” if there were anti-religious sentiment to it.

And I'm up at 8:00 AM, though 9:30 now. Trash billowing for a walk to the dumpster. No issue there, as it is sun everywhere today. Cloudless, gorgeous.

Puffing lengthy Edgefield non-filter cigarette “butts” this AM, because I am out of smokes, and these are like, ¾ cigarettes, so instead of being wasteful and trashing them to spend money on a fresh carton, I'll put these to use and get a carton....whenever.

Climate change happened across my radar this morning. Don't know where I saw info about it, but then I read stuff from New Yorker, The Guardian, etc., and it seems the crash course of ecology v civilization (a big bout! But free on Pay-Per-View!) is drawing more near (in some ways, already started), which is more or less an “accepted” viewpoint in my world/life now. I don't even “consider” the “possible” inevitability of climate disaster, nor do I kid myself as to the speed and severity of it, or the concept that we (humans, all of us) could do anything about it – even to stave it off for an additional 10+ years. It's here, accelerating, no horizons of technicolor wonder to infer an outcome any different, just a thing going on, and adapting is better than philosophizing.

So, there was a fast “news” reminder of....everything.

I'll ditch the trash. Watch more YT. Carry on.


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