update is A-OK (so far)

No lag or bugs that I have noticed in the past 15 or so minutes here, but I'll see how it goes. And from what I understand, since I have macOS Big Sur, I should have the new Safari, but maybe not? I mean I would still 100% use Firefox, but I would like to at least see the new Safari. Maybe that is for mobile devices only? Or the next version of macOS? IDK.

Doesn't matter

Had a dinner of mini spuds from “The Little Potato Company” (garlic and herb), and it hit the spot. I still avoid starchy carbs when I can, but this was a rare treat.

It's 10:20 PM, and I had a nap earlier this evening, so I will likely be awake for a while. No dev tonight, though, because I dug around and even changed a couple things up on the Thanx profile page, but those changes will be changed again in the future. I'm getting there :)

Back later