updating updates

Heard it was a good time to install the latest macOS update (11.6), so I am doing so right now. It has nine minutes remaining, so I will let it do it's thing, but MacRumors also says there are a boatload of bugs with this update, so, not looking forward to any of that, if I am one of the unlucky few (or majority) who experience such bugs. Of course the Genius Bar will be backed up with appointments and whatnot if there are any bugs, and I couldn't get to a Genius Bar with any ease to begin with, so it makes me consider going strictly mobile again – which I obviously cannot do because web dev needs to happen. Going Linux-only is an option (loved doing so in the past), but seeing as I paid $850 for this MBA less than a year ago, I wouldn't be too keen on doing that. But this would be it – if there are bugs, delays, lag, or any issue(s) after this update, there is no amount of Apple Lust™ that could draw me back in. I would opt for some form of Linux machine and that would be it. My life has no ecosystem dependencies whatsoever. Nearly every app I use on both platforms (macOS and Android) are some form of third-party (and when I can, FOSS) software. There are always built-in (and necessary) stock apps (such as Google Play Services or just Settings on the MacBook) that are needed, but if/when a different/better option is avail for a platform, I go with it, instead.

Chrome OS is cute, too – but every piece of hardware for Chromebooks (and the Chromebox that I had before this MacBook) has been pure trash, crashed in under a year. Raspberry Pi? Fried and useless in under nine months. That goes for RPi 3, 3 Model B, and 4 (I've had each one, and they were all dead in under a year).

So, I would build. Build a Linux Mint machine from scratch. The parts wouldn't set me back too much, and I could configure it just as I want, and it would be cheaper still by not needing to buy a Windows license (Windows, lol). My brother-in-law could build/assemble the thing for me, and help me in the parts purchasing process (as I have no desire to assemble hardware nor choose corresponding components that could actually work together).

Anyway, just hammering some text from the Android. This may become a habit soon. We'll see after the update is complete.

Back later.