Used to get excited for nightfall, but now...

...I just feel a drain of energy, lack of enthusiasm, and no motivation to do anything.

I know this is due to the remnants of whatever virus I had over the past week + weekend, but, it still sucks.

Anyway, I am making coffee again, allowing night to fall and the lethargy to therefore fall over me. The coffee might delay the tiredness, but in the end, I will be quite tired.

Plans for tomorrow

Well, I have the whole day. So, I will probably do some dev stuff in the afternoon or morning sometime (e.g when I have a fair amount of energy).

And let's discuss the Thanx project a bit, eh?

There's a lot going into it. I mean I am learning a lot, and it is a good use of time, and it is something that I have always wanted to do, but how to implement Step A with Step B with Step C, etc. can be a headache. That is the nature of building any type of application, I would imagine (and not some unique, special complaint that only I have on my own). But it is still a complaint.

So, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, for sure – but, there are some cons.

And having the mental fortitude, enthusiasm, energy to keep up is wearing on my body, itself. And I am speaking in regards to Right Now, not on the usual, day-to-day, when-I-am-not-sick basis. Usually I am really jazzed to do some development, just...because.

Anyhow, that was a bunch of stuff about me and not so much about the Thanx project, I guess, so, sorry about that. In terms of Thanx, I will not go too far into it, because everything is not even what I would consider a “beta” or even “alpha” version – it's more like laying a foundation that is surrounded by scaffolding. Maybe one floor is built, out of an unknown number of floors.

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