So, I went to Schnucks a bit ago. Before the rain started. As I needed to pick up fruit, and iced tea, and a few other things for the evening I will spend with the sliding glass door open, enjoying the warm rain.

Of course like every small trip to Schnucks, it was uneventful. Nothing to comment on. But, there was a lady who turned the corner from the frozen aisle (isle? I do not know the spelling in this case), or, ONE of the frozen aisles/isles, and me and another person approaching said “section” stopped before entering, to let a man and his “wife”, girlfriend, sister (all three?) go through, and that pause, that polite gesture of letting others go first, was met with her loudly proclaiming: “we gotta go somewhere else! I walk too fast for these damn people!”.

All I could think was; I'm sorry. This isn't the fast and loose (and dangerous) property of Wal-Mart. People in this store (Schnucks) tend to just “do their shopping and go” – plenty courteous, and polite to one another. Not that Schnucks (of the many locations there are in St Louis) are in any way in the upper echelons of fine shopping. But, people generally do not shout, and complain while within the store, either.

So, she made a scene for herself. And I am sure she felt very righteous and (falsely) dignified of doing as such. But I felt bad for her. Just being a big “show” for no reason at all, and then angrily stomping away.

It's a pity that the South St Louis County Schnucks did not live up to her standards. We will try to do better. WE will change and make ourselves more akin to the adjunct Wal-Martians who wander their way into our municipality. Please pity us as we do so.

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