wanting a feature phone again

In response to Jet Writes (which I cannot link to properly because I am on a phone) I am thinking of getting a feature phone again. I poked around the Nokia website, and see there is at least one 4G, SIM-accepting “dumb” phone. I don't know nor care if it has any modern conveniences – FaceTime and iMessage works just fine on Mac, if I am oot and aboot I can call someone, I don't use maps ever, blah, blah, etc. All stuff I have said before when I was about to buy a Nokia 3310 feature phone (with 3G that took an odd SIM), that I never used because of the odd SIM (which I wasn't willing to transfer my # to).

So, if I decide on a new phone, like the Nokia 6300 4G, then I would just get a new #. Like having a new address but less invasive. I would still have my e-mail afterall, which people find inconvenient that I change my phone number and they have to e-mail me instead of call or text BUT for them to strand themselves on Facebook Island where I can't contact them AT ALL without a Facebook account, well, that's perfectly acceptable. Preposterous!

Anyway, the people who genuinely matter don't give a fuck if I change my phone #. Or mailing address. Or anything other than e-mail (and trust me, changing all three of those things at once amounts to you dropping off the face of the Earth).

Anyway, if I can port my #, I might. Won't lose sleep over it. Point is: I have WiFi, I have a computer. That won't change. So, there we go :)

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋