way to go to Matty Baer for making Masto links clickable via Birdsite :)

So, I subscribe to Matt (Baer)'s Mastodon acct via RSS (I like seeing particular Masto updates via RSS, and it sifts out the Boosts and Replies this way, so, it is better IMO). And I see he (MB) made a service for Mastodon instances (via admin participation) to utilize unsafe.social to create a link (links) from a person's Mastodon acct/status update to be clickable from Twitter. As of now, Twitter (Musk) banned such links from being reachable, because Masto is competition, and Musk is as small in ego as he is rich in dollars, so he just banned the links.

So, check out unsafe.social, as it is cool, I think. Even though I find neither Twitter nor Mastodon cool, tbh, haha.

Noble service though, indeed :)

I wouldn't be surprised to see Matt (Baer) (who owns/created Write.as, by the way) make a blog post about this service soon, so I may be jumping the gun with this entry, but it is good-intentioned, for sure.

And now, we continue with regular blogcasting. I mean textcaasting. I mean journalogging. I mean typerlinking. Or whatever VC's decided we are all doing on personal websites ;)


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