wee AM hour blogging

1:00 AM. Friday.

I am having a post-coffee sodie. So, high caffeine intake.

I slept 3+ hours. It works (for now)

Thank Dog I have been sleeping! It was 4 (or less) hours per night for 3 months! Zapiprazone (spelling?), that stuff'll end ya! :(

Been sporadically watching segments of Until The Light Takes Us, which is a 2008 documentary on the early-90s Norwegian Black Metal scene. The player (whatever app) doesn't save where I left off, though. Need to remember, and scroll there.

Everything about it (that music scene) has a perverse fascination surrounding it. The music, yea, some of it was good. But it was, of course, the tumultuous events that constantly surrounded the bands in that area and era that made everything so fascinating. Notoriety and criminality to the extent of evil, making all the elements of “Rock n Roll and party”, or “do it because it's Punk”, or (in a smaller way) “it's the Motley thing to do” (applicable to only Motley Crue – which is less significant), become nothing more than just terms/phrases. Not that a thing occurring in early-90s Norwegian Black Metal was in any way admirable or glamorous, just intensely intriguing – like reading of Jeffrey Dahmer, or flipping through the book “The Green River Killer”. A mortal, morbid, terrible form of drawing one in.

onto other things

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