Welcome Back, DDG

I am not sure why I stopped using DDG (DuckDuckGo) back when I was on Android last time? Maybe I temporarily (and foolishly) switched to Chrome because it was a Pixel 3a? Either way, I stoped using DDG and have been using Safari on this iPhone 6 ever since going to iOS for these past 7-ish months.

Nevertheless, I cleared the data on Safari and used ScreenTime (or whatever it is called) to remove Safari from my homescreen, and downloaded DDG for iOS and am using it as we speak (I write). I am going to be using DDG as the browser for Android when I get the Moto G7 Power. Not going “overboard” in terms of security on that device, but I am going to continue the practice of personal Privacy, Safety, and Security when I am on the Web. Just common sense.

Many people have said iOS is more secure than Android, and they may be right. I honestly don’t know, and I am no expert. But Android is a better user experience, in my opinion. There are many variables, and as PSS (as I call it for Privacy, Safety, Security) is quite important to me, I am not storing uber-important documents, nor do I have a security-centric job, or anything like that. If someone really wanted to “get at” some information I have on a secured device of mine, even if they HAD that device, chances are – they couldn’t get it. I encrypt every phone I own, use the fingerprint sensor (TouchID on iOS, I don’t know what they call it on Android?), and set up PIN’s or fingerprint unlock for almost any app that offers it. I just...do!

As for why I took a general interest in personal privacy on the Web? I am not sure of that, either. Perhaps because I was “swayed” by the technology publications on Birdsite back in the day, about how Facebook, and Twitter, and Google, and Instagram, and Yahoo, and basically every other big player in Silicon Valley harvests data and then sells it, which (ironically) is the #1 thing they tell you outright that they will NOT do! These companies are liars.

I also, admittedly, was swayed by the information security community on Birdsite (infosec) back in the day when I was using the Big Blue Bird. Sites like DecentSecurity.com (which I donated to on one occasion via PayPal), and ThinkPrivacy.io really had me thinking about how I could take my presence on the Web a LOT more seriously.

So, I just sorta “got into” the subject matter, I suppose. It’s neat to read about. I mentioned research in my last blog post, and I went ahead and read about four(4) articles on DDG about different privacy practices an individual can take to make themselves safer. Neat stuff :)

Anyway, be back in a bit!