Welcome to NewTube, your time here is finite

Watched a couple (very short) videos this AM from Matches 860, a man who never monetized his videos, was totally against it. He passed away in January 2020 (RIP), and now YouTube is running (randomly placed) ads on his videos (even the four minute ones) because let's face it: being a $2 trillion company simply won't pacify their executives greed. They need even more money. And yes, they are a windfall monopoly if the world has ever seen one. Don't want to deal with YouTube but still want your video content on the Internet? Tough luck! Have fun on Vimeo where they have the same bogus ad practices.

Ironically, this inquiry (not the W.a user) into Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Big Tech™ in general that the U.S. government was looking into (in fact, U.S. sued Google), will in all likelihood result in a slight slap on the wrist/not much blowback to BT™ in the end. And Section 230 needs to be wholesale overturned, even though the disastrous, ad-driven, bias, BT™ loving media will say otherwise – because it is their best interests they have at heart. Not yours or mine.

The fact that BT™ got as enormous as it/they did and scaled to unprecedented heights in under two decades, is proof of what is (on paper, and IRL) possible when you have a company (or series of them) who have a ethos of runaway capitalism and absolutely zero laws standing in their way. Remove laws, rules, and morals, and it's proven that any co can stow away $1T+. In fact, both Apple and Google doubled their “on-hand” cash from $1T to $2T in under 24 months. That's money that is also very much so not in the consumer's hand, anymore. Or in the U.S. (or world) economy. So, they are almost companies (like the banks of 2008 (and beyond)) that are “too big to fail”, but as we learned from the “Great Recession” – their lack of failing is totally dependent on the citizens continued failure. Because failure is based on who has more money – and more of it in the hands of a scant number of executives = less of it in the hands of countless millions of American citizens.

So, count myself as one of the guilty parties to be a living, eating, breathing, sentient machine of Treasury-to-Big-Tech money siphoning components, as I am as guilty as any(every)one else. Because I am just another sucker in the Ponzi Scheme of Big Economics.

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋