wires, cords, plugs, etc.

So, I have 14 gauge speaker wire from Crutchfield to use with the Polk Audio speakers – they are nice speaker wires, and they were $20 each, so they should be nice (though cost is subjective). Thing is, they have (screwed in) banana plugs (both screwed and soldered, I believe – because I just dissected one) on the ends, so I cannot use them with the Sony receiver I just bought, because it is a budget/lower-end model receiver that uses clip ports (as I will refer to them as, where the wire goes straight in, no banana plugs are accepted). So, I will have to substitute the speaker wires for a non-plug (or bare wire) wire system. This is fine, but I would opt for a one side WITH banana plugs, the other side WITHOUT banana plugs and use them with their corresponding IO.

Slightly inconvenient, but I use headphones the majority of the time, anyway, so...

Now, I could just cut one end of each plug, and then strip the wire cover on them, BUT, it is a braided wire, and that would be both a mess and a fire hazard, I believe. Not to mention that I am astoundingly lazy.

So, the Polk speakers are not going anywhere, gonna keep them, will use them (sometimes), but before I can, I will need to buy the proper wires. And incidentally, I just paid $40 for an AudioQuest Evergreen RCA-to-RCA cord for connecting a future component (be it turntable, or DAC, or whatever) – and I could have spent that money on speaker wire, but, oh well.

When looking into all this (stuff about the wires and the receiver and whatnot), all anyone asked in the Crutchfield Q&A section was “Can the USB on the back be used to charge and iPhone?” LMAO! Not even “can I use the USB on the back to play music directly from the iPhone to the receiver”. I swear, people see USB and think “iPhone Juice!”. By the way, the USB port is for service purposes (whatever that means), but I am assuming it is the equivalent of “Administrative Purposes Only” you would see on a form somewhere. AKA “Don't Fuck With This Area!”.

Good thing I discovered (which I sort of already knew), is that I can use a vintage turntable with this machine (the Sony receiver), and should have no issues with it. I don't need to use a newer model (though, I WILL use a newer model, because the vintage ones are (or can be) fairly expensive).

I am also looking into the Schitt DAC's, which would be a lot of reading up on so see which one would work (or be most effective) with this receiver, or if it is even worth it, etc. In all likelihood, I will skip the DAC altogether and just opt for a turntable, instead. But on the subject of turntables, I am going to be giving back the two dozen or so records I borrowed from my brother-in-law the next time I see him. A lot of good music there, but the records are in terrible condition, some are totally warped upon closer inspection, and I am just not going to mess with them. Not exactly music I am gaga about, anyway. It's a shame because he has about 300 records in two huge crates in his basement, all 300 of which are in equally terrible shape.

But, that brings me back to the issue/subject of turntables to begin with: do I even want to bother with a turntable? I mean, yes, they are cool and sound OK (or can sound OK), and they are fun to look at/through, etc., but, couldn't I just go the stream-only route and make life a hell of a lot easier? It wouldn't be cheaper (up front, anyway), but it would be less hassle, and cheaper long term, for sure. Hell, I could even get BETTER sound from a GOOD streaming setup if all the right steps are taken for the same (or less (maybe)) amount of money. SOUND is what I am looking/aiming for, and like I mentioned before, I do not want to go down some (endless) audiophile realm where I am always tweaking this, upgrading that, etc. I just want some thing (setup) that is low hassle, sounds nice, nothing to really fool around with. That is another reason I want to, or am at least considering, going stream-only – no cartridges (needles) to fool with on the turntables, no record clamps, or tone arms, or calibration scales for the tone arm, blah, blah, etc. A lot of folks may find that sort of stuff fun, but I see it as a hassle, lol!

But that's just me.

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