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It's 11:30, the sun is out, fog lifted, words: needed to be said.

Slow day in blogland this morning. Saturday. Day Off™ for nearly everyone. It feels like it has been Saturday for a week.

Fun stuff Monday

No approval (yet) on ooh.directory for this blog, it'll happen, I assume

No quips or quirks for sxxx (“sxxx” being the world), that that the world is that, but, it's how I talk

The pandemic is over, now? I guess? Monkeypox is a threat, now, instead? I hope it isn't as bad as COVID was (sorta is). Delta Variant nearly ended me in 2021, but luckily it was a three week ordeal, unlike the side effects from my last med which was a three month ordeal. Horrid months, indeed.

later on

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