wow, VC thirst

I was just DuckDuckGo'ing around for smartglasses. Not that I necessarily want to buy a pair of smartglasses – I just think the concept is neat. Of course Amazon has the Echo Frames (which I would never use Amazon again), but promoted just above the Echo Frames was a co called “Lucyd”. I click the ad, go to their site, and am immediately prompted with the usual click-y garbage: “join our newsletter!”, “turn on notifications”, and a new one, “click here to be an early investor!” What the hell? I dismiss all this crap and get to the actual website which was hidden beneath layers of pop-ups, and almost every part of the site was asking for startup funds, investments, and that smartglasses were the way of the future and they were “ready to rock!”. Ridiculous.

By the way, these were not “smart” glasses in any way. They were a pair of non-prescription sunglasses, that had a bone-conducting speaker jammed into the earpiece, and there was no visual cues, or maps, or notifications, or even integration with Alexa or Google or anything like that, as far as I could tell. But they did have a Bluetooth feature, so I could just pair it to my phone, and if I had Spotify playing on my phone, I assume the glasses would pick it up and playback muffled ear bone noises through my scalp.

People who invest in crap like that deserve what they get.

Anyway, like I said, I am not in the market for smartglasses. I wouldn't even wear prescription EYEglasses if I didn't have to. Everything is a blur without them, so it is necessary, unfortunately.

Speaking of which, I need to make an eye doctor appointment to get a new scipt/new pair. Eventually.

I DO miss the hype that surrounded Google Glass, though. I mean they were a privacy nightmare, much like Google still is to this day, but give me a pair of eyeglasses that were NORMAL sized, and had some minor smart features that projected on the lens, and no camera – and we're in business. Like, the way that PushBullet (a browser extension) would take notifications from....everywhere, and put them right on your desktop. Or however any/all notifications could be intercepted (without any specific details of the notification, of course) and just “pushed” somewhere else – do that on a pair of glasses with a nice battery and maybe a bone-conducting scalp speaker, and I'd buy them. I am not a notification junkie, but when I am outside of my house, if my phone rings, I get an e-mail, or a text, or anything else, I am GUARANTEED to miss the thing, because how could I possibly catch it? The vibration mechanism on my phone is the equivalent of one of those gag hand buzzers from the 1980s, the notification “ping” is whisper quiet, and the notification, itself, lasts on the lock screen is only good to tell me of the notifications I MISSED, not anything I can respond to in a timely fashion, and therefore making notifications, themselves, worthless.

Anyway, I think I am going to turn off all notifications now.

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