Writing. Intentionally. Because I Can.

I need comments (even anon ones) on this blog. Someone came up with a good way to federate comments and there was a clickable link at the bottom of each blog post directing the reader to the writer's Masto page, but that system never took off, was not adopted. I do not want that system though. I want a system where anyone reading can leave a comment as easily as writing a blog: “Start Writing...”. Simple. To the point. The window can indicate an “author” or “Name If You Choose” field at the top, and then comments could be had. Not many bother clicking the “About” on my blog (well, they do. Idk if people have reached out to me in response to particular blog posts because of that link, though.) But with the meager traffic this blog gets, I feel I could benefit from comments. As could almost everyone (as long as there is a way to toggle them “OFF”). Despite comments though, I wish the e-mail sign-up form was at the bottom of each blog post instead of just the main blog page. This has gotten me a couple e-mail subscribers, but having it at the bottom of each post would yield me more, I think.

Does this matter? Longterm?


This is an online diary that I maintain for my own purposes and if people happen to read it then...bonus. Like I said on here before “I like to write about things that I like to help me understand why I like them” (which is a quote stolen from a historian of art from the Institute of Advanced Study). But I never heard anything encapsulate my writing and the reasons for it more than that. I write about things to help me understand...myself. My thoughts. My feelings. MY perceptions. Quite cathardic, really.

I have no past diaries or journals or blogs with which to compare my old style of writing(s) as I have gone out of my way to delete said blogs and journals from the Internet. That includes two celebrity gossip blogs (mostly humor and satire, I'm sure), a Tumblr blog (personal blog, full of a lot of emo-y bullshit), and then this blog. Numerous journals, diaries and offline mediums of entering text (incl typewriter journals) have been created, read over, then destroyed. E-books as well. I spent the better part of two years writing “Job Corps Rules” (to be interpreted as “the rules of Job Corps”, not “Job Corps rulez, man!”, and in the process of writing that book (which I wanted to get a traditional publisher for), I more or less had a mental health relapse and sort of lost my mind for the better part of five months, and that book got scrapped, abandoned, deleted. I do not regret working hard on it NOR scrapping the project. I simply didn't desire to see it though any longer. Instead something else sprung up from my offline writing: “Newer Systems” (the first entry in the Littered Thoughts” e-book). And I will expand on that e-book over time, I think. Publishing is a tricky business, though, I have discovered.

Anyway, enough writing for now

Be back in a bit!