writing a lot today

Because that is what I do when I am stressed. Weird way of coping, my only way of coping. I don't drink or use drugs (besides tobacco), so #writing tends to be the only way I know how to “deal” with life.

I always treated this blog (and every blog I have had since 2011) as an ongoing stream of conscious thought. But broken up into relevant, and sometimes not so relevant, pieces. I just SAY whatever I feel like hammering out on the keyboard and try to get better at it? I am not sure about the getting better part, but I DO say what I feel like, and sometimes I can muster a story out of it. That is one thing that I really do wanna get better at – storytelling. I don't care if the prose is all that great, as long as the “voice” and “tone” of the story, itself, is good. And to do this, I watch other storytellers on YouTube and ish like that because some of those old tobacco pipe smokers are really good at telling a cohesive story, and it is one of the few reasons people watch them, I am guessing, so I try to learn from that.

So, anyway, Trist is playing. Gonna make something to eat, I think.

Be back in a bit

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