yep, me too

Just like zymotux I am up and at 'em this AM, too. 5:20 here, and lemme tell ya – the difference between sleeping six+ hours vs sleeping six+ hours in a room filled with FRESH air is like night and day! I feel very well rested.

But now, coffee. As I prepare for a 8 AM hike to/through Cliff Cave Park. I will try my hand at the primitive trails, but likely they will be muddy, so I will have to stick to the paved trails. But that's fine. It will be shorts weather, too, as it will be 42F when I leave here, and getting up to 52 by the time I return home. And sunny! :)

This coffee is quite good

Love seeing the travels, Mike's Thoughts, and seeing the grub and sites and the (imagined) sounds of Hanoi. Looks like tons of fun :)

Hope everyone is well

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